December 18th, 2009

Louis XV 2

Does anyone know where I can find crown lace?

I'm working on a kodona/ouji-ish outfit and was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy lace with embroidered crowns on it? I saw such lace on a blouse by baby. I know it's unlikely, but that lace would be perfect for the outfit I'm working on. Also, does anyone know what those shoulder tassel thingies that princes often wear are called and where I might be able to buy them?
Thanks in advance!

A little help with a Survey girls?

Hi pretties~ I have this huge proyect for school and Im going to need some help from you girls~ Its just to answer an annonymous simple multiple-option survey about Lolita, some general questions, 9 questions plus an optional 10th; will take about a minute to answer, really short;^^. I'll be very sweet of you if you can help me by answering :3, Im gonna love every single one of you who answers xD ! you dont know how much youre helping me with this.  If you please, girls~ *I want to thank all of those who have already answered, you are the best ^__^! you were all very helpful to mee!! love to all <3!*

Question about lolita hairstyles?

Hiya! I'm always wearing a wig when it comes to doing Sweet Lolita, (I don't think my actual hair looks lolita) so I'm always wearing a wig that is either short or long.*lol* Anyway, I am looking for new idea's with pictures if possible provided of some Lolita hairstyles everyone has done or recommend.

Thanks! <3
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lace sewing question

The mods can delete if OT.

I looked around on the search option but it turned up nothing. I was wondering though when sewing on lace, do you use the same color thread as the lace or the skirt/dress/blouse that the lace is being sewn onto? *IE I am sewing white lace onto a black skirt. So would I use white thread or black thread?*

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I'm hoping someone will be able to help me ^_^; What's the name of this model?

I've searched through the memories and only found out that she might be German XD I have my fingers crossed that someone out there knows at least her first name.
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Fuck me

A crafty idea~

After checking through the tags, I couldn'y find anything like this, so I thought I'd share.

I'm currently watching Kirsties Homemade Christmas on channel 4, and saw some lovely ribbon roses being made, among other things.

Here is the website:

It has lots of lovely ideas, mostly gift ideas. I can't seem to find the rose tutorial on there though, so I will give a quick explination.

1. You need a broad ribbon, one that is wired down the edges.
2. Cut of one wired edge, and fray it.
3. Pull the other wire out slightly, to rouche/ruche the ribbon.
4. Wrap the ribbon round itself, it will begin to look like a rose. Secure with the excess wire.

EGL Magazine List?

I was just wondering, what magazines are specific to EGL? I know of a few, are there more I could be studying? These are the ones I'm familiar with:

Alice Deco A La Mode
Clara Bow
Kera (Maniax, Specials, etc)

Anything else? Thanks guys. ^_^
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