December 17th, 2009

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Project for Awesome SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation

Today is the Project for Awesome on Youtube which is started by Hank Green & John Green of the vlogbrothers on youtube. The goal is to promote videos made by youtubers supporting a charity or foundation and hopefully getting some donations to those charities as well as trying to feature as many of those videos on youtube instead of celebrities, and regular cat video on youtube. I decided this morning to do an improptu one to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation which I found because of this community


I posted the video. Now we just need some comments and rating from you guys :) also i am having a contest giving away 4 SOPHIE wristbands so view the video and find out how you can win them ok? 

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In reference to the last post I made about the Torrid article mentioning lolitas, I received this email in response to my complaint:

Hi I think I have already answered you under another email name but in case this is the first time you are hearing from us I wanted to be sure that you know how sorry we are about offending you with our comments about the emerging lolita trend. The article in question was an interview, not an editorial. We don’t censor interviews on with very few exceptions. This is a very old feature (more than 8 months old) and we’ll be sure to double check that the access links are disabled as soon as possible. Again, I personally apologize if we have caused offense and we certainly did not intend to offend anyone.

Best Regards,

Chris Daniel

President, Torrid Apparently they actually read the complaints. I know a few other girls sent them emails as well as myself. I sent it to a few different departments because I wasn't sure where to send it. Did anyone else get a response?

---I sent him this reply:

Actually Mr. Daniel, I did not send any more letters under other emails. I sent my letter to multiple departments, because I wasn't sure who this was relevant to, but I know a few other lolitas around the US and the globe wrote letters to Torrid as well. Perhaps I might alert you to this thread with over 150 replies regarding the subject:
Moreover, though some may not have voiced their opinion via email, it is obvious from the overwhelming response to this thread that lolitas, both thick and thin, were offended by the article. We know we dress like "freaks" according to many people, we know it's considered unusual, and we know most people probably wouldn't wear our fashion, but we did expect Torrid--what was once a pioneer in plus-size alternative clothing--of all places to respect our subculture from one group of freaks to another. As a sister company to Hot Topic, which by the way has purportedly released "lolita" (I say lolita in quotations because they were called lolita in the descriptions, but did not necessarily adhere very well to general lolita guidelines) clothing in the past, we hope Torrid will be more sensitive to the issue at hand in the future.
Thanks for the kind response and thanks for listening.

Christmas/ holiday on a budget

I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas of what lolita gifts I can make on a budget... I am hoping they don't take TOO long because I haven't got a lot of time. Also, not all of my friends/ family would appreciate gifts that are "too frilly" but I'd love if I got some really great lolita things to make as well. I can crochet, knit (a little), sew, and I make all kinds of jewelry. I have beads but I've run out of ideas. Also, I have yarn but the only patterns I find aren't really lolita.
Sorry to be so specific, but I want to get it right :)
Also, any random lolita crafts would be MUCH appreciated.

Thank you very much
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One last update...

Sorry for one more post today! I figured this might be of slight interest to the community.

I got another response from the Torrid president; regarding the previous threads on their Harajuku article relevant parts are bolded:

Hey I'm afraid to open the link...I might get more letters!!  :)  Anyway, there are parts of lolita that we love and actually have coming...petticoats, pinafores, maryjane shoes, etc....during spring. We also recognize the influence of the trend on hair accessories, jumpers, etc. The truth is, as you probably know, we are a fashion store...not a lifestyle store. It is a great lesson for us to remember that when we comment on any fashion trend we need to be clear that we are doing it as it relates to our customer....and do it in a respectful way. FYI, we have pulled the interview (actually it was more than a year old...) and I hope our fans will see that as a sign of goodwill and that we are really sorry. Happy Holidays, Vi!

Let this be a lesson that our voice actually gets heard! :) Good job lolitas, and I guess we'll keep our eyes out for their spring lolita inspired items.

white and black

Happy Hanuka EGL

So I felt bad since there are so many Christmas themed posts and no Hanuka ones. I'm not even Jewish but I have friends that are so when I went to their Hanuka party on the 3rd night of Hanuka and tried my best to put together an appropriate theme lolita outfit, blue and white. Here are the pictures. The bow, and blouse, are BTSSB. The skirt is hand made. Collapse )