December 16th, 2009


Help please? :C

I bought a tie from AatP, it's the kind that you clip behind the back of your head for easy on/off. But, I was stupid and put it in the wash and the tie part undid and now it's in two pieces! D:

It's a tie like this:

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to retie on of these? Would I tie it just like a regular tie or is there a special way to do it? XD Thanks for any help! <3

Lolita Mentioned...Vaguely and a Torrid Article

$20 says "Little Bo Peep" "with a parasol" in "baby blue and a baby pink" is talking about lolitas. I think it's amazing how intolerant some people can be...Half the shit Torrid puts out looks terrible or costume-y, but hey who are we to talk...we're just crazies in Halloween costumes, right?

So you’re not hoping that it catches on over here?

No! [laughs]
Maybe for Halloween.

Sorry dears, you're too late! I am tempted to email the editor and tell them how ignorant they must be to not notice a large community of lolitas in their own headquarter's state.

Kinda OT but oh well.

So I'm wondering Lolitas, do you collect anything!?
Be it Lolita or Non-Lolita, I wanna know. Pictures would be awesome.
Is there anything you'd like to collect if you had the chance?
I collect my Little Ponies. :X
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Marby drawn Kyra

NYC December mini-meet!

Further to this post :)

Mini meet in NYC
Sunday 27th December
Meeting time: 12.00 - 1.00
at: ???
Going to: ??? Museum maybe?

I'm used to hosting meetups but I don't know NYC at all so hopefully someone can help out a bit with where to go/meet? I'm presuming this day will be the easiest for most of you since it's at the weekend and I don't think the Monday is a holiday in the US(?) but it'd be great to meet with as many as you as I can so I can change the date if it'd be better or if anyone wants to go for tea and cake/to a bar/shopping another day or evening I can do that too :D

I'm going to get to NY (from Canada) on the 26th (don't know what time) and leave on the 30th (again, don't know what time)

I *think* my phone is tri-band so it should work hopefully!

Shopping Services?

I everyone, I know there is a tag for this but I was wondering if there were any NEW or additional shpping service that weren't on the list that can buy from both in-store and online shops (such as Rakuten) with a comission of 15% or under!

PlLease let me know :)

hyde picturesque

Visiting Japan in March

I will be visiting Japan from the 11th of March to the 17th. It's still far away but I love planning vacations. Tokyo is my destination. ^^

I would like to meet some fellow lolitas there. Is anybody here at the same time and wants to meet-up? ^^ It's my first time going completely alone that means I have control over my schedule.

Things I would like to do:

Shopping (of course)
maybe going to Alice in Wonderland cafe/Christon (?) cafe
take some pics/purikura