December 15th, 2009

pictures of new bodyline coat(edited with info and worn picture)

i asked a couple of weeks ago for pictures/info on one of the new bodyline coats(the one with the big bows on it) and not a lot of people had bought it. i don't have a camera, just a webcam so i couldn't shot myself, but i took lots of pictures of various parts of it so you can decide if you want to buy it or not. it looks really warm and it took only 3 days to get it.

people wanted to know more so i'm writing a full review. my measurements are 35' waist, 40' bust, 40' hips. i'm also around 5'9" 5'10" and the coat fits fine until i get to the bust. it is a tad bit tight, but if i wear a minimizer bra it works better. unfortunately i don't have enough time to sell the item as i'm graduating from college this weekend and then hopping from my parents house to my boyfriends family's house to ours. so i will make it work until them. i'd say if it was an inch bigger in the bust it'd be perfect. it felt really warm but right now i live in texas and we have yet to have weather where i need to wear it.

so overall i'd say i really love it. i'd suggest someone with an inch or two bust smaller than me to fit it perfect though. that's the one thing that sucks about buying online is that you can fit their range but never really know how it will fit until you get it.

EDIT: i was able to wear it today. it made 40 degree weather feel like the 70s. very nice. i also got a lot of complements from people. i took some phone pictures of it, here it is for anyone who wants to get an idea:
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Just wanted to share my latest non-commission sewing project... Alice blue x White JSK! I rarely make JSKs but i had a ton of this blue fabric laying around and i just got a shipment of white lace and figured i would put it to good use. Any con/crit is welcome :)

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Petticoats found in Toronto

Hello everyone. I went fabric shopping down Queen St. West yesterday and found a store called Original. It carried a decent selection of shoes and boots suitable for the classic look, such as ones similar to Whimsy by Bordello (might actually be Whimsy, I can't remember exactly).

On the second floor, which is a dress shop (also roped off because it's a dress shop, ask to go up), they have the most intense selection of petticoats I've ever seen. Since this isn't a bridal shop the petticoats come in many colours and majority of them are the right length for loli. Some of them are so poofy I'm actually scared. The loli-appropriate ones start at $100 CAD depending on the poof and material and there's also a thinner one at $60.

515 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2B4
donna at originaltoronto dot com

Owned by Donna Saslove

I'm gonna go back with my heavy skirts and see how strong those petticoats are later. Have fun to lolis who live in and around Toronto.

By the way, they also have bling'd out calculators...

PS. I'm not going to post this in the Toronto community, I know a lot of out-of-town girls likes to come in to T.O. but I'm not sure how many are actually in that community.
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Deviant Art Groups

DA has launched a new groups service recently. I noticed there wasn't one for lolita yet, so I went ahead and made one (before whoever made the old lolita club over there did). Now we all know that DA is a source of endless lulz for us lolitas (and many other subcultures), but there are many wonderful artists there.

Here's the group:

All posts are moderated so that we only get submissions that reflect the lolita style. :-D

Posted with permission from harukoko

How to Make Connections in My Area??

I'm interested in meeting some girls in my area to start a lolita sewing and crafts group. There isn't a LJ community for my area (Victoria, BC), so does anyone live there or know anyone who does? Or does anyone know of a Vancouver LJ community that I could post in? I searched, but couldn't fine one. (>_<)

Thanks all!!!

Sweet Lolita Accessories Craft Tutorials

Hi pretty girls

Im going to start posting a ton of tutorials to make lolita accessories at my main blog

Here are some of the ones I started to show materials you can use to make cute accessories.

How to make fake sprinkles/
How to make Deco Sauce/
How to make fake whipped cream/
How to make fake sugar/

If you have any questions feel free to ask away, you can also request tutorials. I'll be posting sewing, jewelry, bow & headband tutorials as well.

and my name is Mixi for those that dont know me. Hope to meet alot of you, ttyl

meta lucky pack

Just thought I'd let you all know.. Meta's put up a notice about their 2009 Winter Lucky Pack here!

I don't think I'll be buying one for myself this year (I got one last year that contained some really nice starter items though), but anybody else thinking of making a purchase?