December 14th, 2009

Has anyone heard of Rakuen Fashion????

OK so i found Rakuen Fashion about a month ago and now i am ready to order a dress that needs alterations, i sent them my email about 4 days ago with my measurements and they still haven't gotten back should i be worried? and also do you know of any other sites who do alterations to their clothing???

Lolita Music Video

I originally posted this on eatfuckingcake so you may have seen it there already ;D
People suggested I post it here, too, but at the time it was when the Sophie Lancaster vid was on the main page and I thought it would be a bit inappropriate to post this after something so sad XD (who all cried watching the Sopihe video? I did... *dork*)

Anyway, post is here! Check it out if you want :3
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Co-ordination help?

I'm most probably getting this dress for my birthday, and planning on wearing it to see Don Quichot by the Dutch natinal Ballet (:
So yes, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Also, does anyone know how long IW usually takes to process their orders?
Lolita Fenris

Lolita Princess Review needed! And Opinion.

So as I was scrolling through Mashimaro girl's list of Taobao stores I stumbled upon one that caught my eye named "Lolita Princes Royal Fairy Tale". Mashimaro girl's description was "Sweet lolita style. Everything pre-made with many size options. Quality isn't the best, but prices are low and fair." And I thought, Okay I'm on a budget anyway, and The whole sweet Lolita style and many size ranges was really cool. But it also says "Quality isn't the best" and I started to question..How bad quality are we talking about? Lol. So I was wondering if anyone has bought from them through Mashimaro girl, and could tell me the quality of the items their selling. From the pictures they actually look very nice, but you never know. So a review is appreciated!! Because I really want this jacket:
It's soooo cute and I had been looking for one like it for a long time. I wanted to order one like this from Bodyline but they sold out, so I was highly upset and have been searching for a sweet and simple coat to wear this winter. So I also need an opinion, If I find a good review for their items, should I just buy this coat? Or should I just get the coat from Bodyline? :o My budget for my coat was around 100$ and this bodyline coat:
is exactly $100 xD and the one in Lolita Princess is around $90. But the one on Bodyline is sold out in the 2L, and Im not sure if the standard measurements they list are for the medium or the 2L.

The link is here if you want to check out the shop:

Sorry so many questions! Thank you in advance for reading this and helping me out. >.
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Fuck me

UK lolitas, help please!

I have never bought lolita clothing before, so I thought I'd ask the experts. What are the best places to buy Gothic/classic lolita clothing? Online or offline, I don't mind :3 Preferably cheap-ish, since I have very little money. I have around £5-£10 a week to put towards clothes.

Thankyou in advance

Saku x

Rose Jam

Hi~ Im supposed to be making Rose Jam for a lolita meet up that Im having this weekend and I cant find the page in G&L Bible (english vol.1) that had the instructions! The page is LOST! Can any of you tell me what it says? [Or scan the page, whichever]. Thank you!


Found, thank you!
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