December 13th, 2009

Still lonely...

Hi there, me again. Still lonely.
I'm looking for any South African lolitas, or anyone coming to South Africa next year perhaps.

:) :) :)
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Favorite tea sets (especially gothic)?

I've been shopping for teapots and cups, and lot of ladies here seem to enjoy tea, so I was wondering if you have a favorite place to buy tea sets?

I'm looking for both cute classic sets, and gothic sets (which I'm having a bit of trouble finding). Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

If you have pictures to share I'd love to see your teacups!

Helping a friend get into Gothic Lolita

So I have a friend who wants to do Gothic Lolita. She has no gothic clothes as of yet, but wants to know if there are places in Canada she can purchase clothes that will fit her, the trouble she faces is being able to afford most items and find a good fit, being plus size to her is difficult enough.

I also want to hear from anyone who does or is still doing Gothic Lolita what would make a great outfit, she loves dark colors and likes black and some white, but wants to know if red or purple are suitable colors for a Gothic Lolita to wear.

Thanks! <3
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Message to redaznfox

Attention redaznfox you have over 30 chargebacks to settle and you have 3 days to do it before quite a few girls here loose our money. I called Paypal to ask about the issue and they said they could solve it for you.

Please call Paypal Customer support at: 1 888 221 1161

They are open 24 hours and they are there to help you fix this mess.
This is a response to THIS post. redaznfox has not responded to a single comment, PM or email I've sent her and I am more then a little worried about this. I just want her to call paypal and resolve this.

I'm sorry if this isn't allowed but I don't know any other way to get in touch with this girl.

redaznfox updated her post with proof that she faxed out everything to paypal. . hopefully things will be settled soon!

Help from the experts? SOLVED thankyou

Hello everyone. I posted before about an issue where my friend can't become a lolita just because of her religion. I showed her everyone's comments and she changed her mind, so thank you everyone for helping out! But there is one more thing.. I don't know any brands at all that sell lolita clothing. So if you know any (that are in english, and ship to the middle east) please, please tell us. Thank you <3
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The right accessories?!


Right now, Im thinking of the right accessories for it. Im thinking of white shoes and a black feather-ish headband from Icing or a store near mine. You know those new trends that seem very lolita-ish now? Yea...

Tights? Since im wearing white shoes, would black tights be better? or should i stick with white?

im thinking of skipping earrings and a necklace for some pearl bracelets as well.

OH! and to complete the look, im bringing this doll as well :3

any ideas? :D

EDIT: OH SNAP... I FORGOT... i was also thinking of makeup ideas.

I was planning to get some black + white fake nails.

Makeup, I was planning to play up the eyes to make my brown eyes pop (thank you almay), natural-colored lips. As for cheeks, im thinking between make them really pink as though theyre doll-like or subtle like natural pink flush

bodyline sailor OP questions ! + any houston lolis out there?

hello, could anyone tell me if they own this dress?
what are the measurements? (min and max)
what kind of material is it ? (stretchy like cotton or firm like canvas)
is it heavy or breezy?
and do you have any pictures your willing to share

please and thank you

does anyone know of any good/cheap online stores to buy
wigs at (curly , long dark brown black)
besides bodyline or ebay
please and thank you

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