December 12th, 2009

Kai Monster

Xmas gifts! perhaps a little OT, but still fun.

Here in a time of holiday giving and receiving, I have wondered some things about this time of year. many of us do secret santas, be it with our friends, or part of meetups, or even with coworkers. many of us search high and low for that perfect gift, and without a doubt some of us get a gift that makes us wonder wtf where they thinking.

1. what was the best xmas/holiday season gift you have received?

2. what was the worst xmas/holiday season gift you have received?

3. What would you LOVE to gt most of all, your dream gift?

4. When shopping for secret santas - gift exchanges how do you go about choosing the gift? *most of these have spending limits, do you try to find something you know they will love or like that is within the price range, or do you just buy a basic item? and hope they kinda like it.*
  • miscy

boxers to bloomers :)

I found some ADORABLE boxers at target yesterday and i have been meaning to add to my bloomer collection (i only have 2 pair ^^;) so i figured i would turn them into bloomers. here is the end result! I'll write a little step by step on how i did it so you can do it too!

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DoA anniversary picture


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I thought you guys might like seeing this since the dolls' outfits are lolita inspired. This was a collaboration image done by Aimee C.(armeleia) and I for Den of Angels 5th Anniversary. Den of Angels is the largest English community for asian ball-jointed dolls. I was one of the founding members of Den of Angels and it's admin for a long time,... and eventually I retired and Aimee C. took over (along with the other volunteer moderators), so it's fitting that we do a collab for the anniversary!

The top figure with the blonde hair and dress was drawn and colored by me, and the lower figure with blue short hair was drawn by Aimee C. Colored with markers. I meant to post this a while ago, but the file somehow got lost in my inbox.
  • morci

Baltimore Area Steam-Theme Meetup

What: Steampunk, EGA, and EGL science extravaganza!
Where: Maryland Science Center in Baltimore
When: Sunday January 10th @ 1 p.m.
Cost: $20.95---This includes the price of the general exhibits, the Da Vinci exhibit, and the planetarium
Food: There is a food court, but I'm packing a lunch. The choice is yours.

Guests are welcome, there's no need to reserve tickets or anything, steampunk-inspired clothing is optional (but will make very cute pics if we're allowed to take them at the Da Vinci exhibit) I haven't been to the scienc ecenter since I was a wee lass, but I suppose we'll meet close to the entrance (inside! it'll probably be freezing!) There's a coat check room if you want to drop your stuff off. See you then!