December 11th, 2009

My friend can't become a Lolita just because of her religion!!

I have a friend who is in love with the style, and draws Lolita everywhere- and she's really good at it. She is dying to go out and show the world that she's a Lolita, but someone once told her that she can't become a lolita because she wears a head scarf (she's a muslim). I thought it was unfair for her, and I am asking if anyone can help her. Since she wears a headscarf, shes missing out on the headdresses and the hair, but it's ok to wear lolita right? She can still wear lolita even though she has to cover her skin, right? Oh, I want to help her soo much, please help me.

Bodyline coats: Worth the price?

Since it is offically freezing here in Baltimore, Maryland, I've been looking for lolita coats. Seems like F+F has a hit or miss but Bodyline has jacked up their prices to $125 for a coat. I'm thinking, "Why don't I get a brand coat for that price or make one?" but I would like to hear how Bodyline coats are overall and if they're worth the $125.

Mary Magdalene Order

How long does Mary Magdalene usually take to respond to an overseas order?

I sent my order on Sunday night and I have not received a response yet. I remember them being much faster than this when I reserved something with them.

Should I do anything or just keep waiting?

xeniph pic

Photos...but not stock photos! ^_^

I'm going into the hairdresser soon, and I want my bangs cut straight across (?) to get that dolly-bang look. I've tried to do it myself (not recently), and it doesn't work, so I'm having a pro do it! However, I want to bring in a picture of what I want. I've tried googling "Blunt bangs" but that didn't really help. I found one picture on Avant Gauche (from the memories) that is like what I want, but I'd really like to have a variety of pictures to show the stylist, especially ones on western lolis.

Can anyone help me out finding more pictures of the bang style I want? I'd be extremely grateful. ^_^

Looking for Gothic Lolita's in Connecticut

Hi my names Randi, I am looking for other Gothic Lolita's in Connecticut, other people who i can actually hang out with and learn more about Lolita from and not only just see them at conventions, so if your a Lolita and your in connecticut and looking to meet friends with similar interest feel free to get to know me ok?
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Yaplog Help?

Alright, so this might sound kind of stupid, but I'm determined to make myself a yaplog, even though I don't read Japanese. I remember seeing a 'how to' sort of ... post a LONG time ago for Yaplog, with directions on how to set one up / do basic things, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, and I've checked around egl for the past while.

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Random Fabric Find: Holiday Cupcakes

With the holidays soon upon us, I thought I'd post some interesting holiday fabric I found floating around the internet.

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I think everyone and their mom has seen the Robert Kaufman "Cherry Cupcakes" print used on handmade things so these holiday cupcakes are a nice change for me (and they're on sale, woohoo.) Anyway, to promote discussion what unusual fabrics have you found and used or considered using for lolita?
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