December 10th, 2009

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Free to good homes!

I am currently cleaning out my fabric drawers... there is SOOO much stuff! If anyone would like some of my scraps please let me know! I'm going to post pics of what i have available. If you want it please pay shipping, but other than that IT'S FREE!!!! Most of my scraps are enough to make bows or small accessories out of. Some pieces there is even enough to make trim or ruffles for a dress. I just don't need all this stuff and if you don't want it, i'm throwin it away (in a week)! Feel free to ask questions about yardage and what not... again most are scraps and only suitable for accessories (which i hate to make)


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Looking for Katy

Last week someone named Katy ordered an "Excerpts from a Victorian Cookbook" in pink stripe with pink bows from my website, but regrettably the form wasn't filled out correctly, so I can't contact her. So if you are Katy please PM or E-mail me at so I can get all the necessary info.

I've also added some new tutorials on the website since I first put it up. Two cooking tutorials, two styling tutorials, and one crafting tutorial. 

Lily of the Valley

Coordination help please.

I made a skirt last summer and I wore it once or twice but the shirt and head bow I had with it did not suit me as much as I thought it did. I packed it away for a while and then today when I was taking pictures for my esty I had a new bolero just hanging out on the dummy and I noticed how nice it looked with the full underskirt. I think I have a good start on an outfit but I need some help with head gear and a blouse.
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Lolita Fenris

Any star print jsk's? Photo Request etc..

(I'm wondering if this should go in the sew_loli community and not here but...)
I was browsing around coming up with new ideas for my new project, and I found this cute star printed nursery fabric I liked! I dont see many jsk's and op's with star design's though, and I searched the community but the words "Star" and "Stars" bring up the obvious brand name you all know. <3 So I was wondering if anyone could find star printed things for me! It doesn't have to be strictly stars, but I would like it if stars were a large part of it. I dont care if it's OP's, JSK's or skirts, I just want something I can base my design off of and get some new ideas. (Plus I wanted to buy one with stars on it...>.> Haha) I dont care which brand, or even off brand. Please help~ <3

(Also, if this is an innapropriate topic for this community, please delete!)

Thank you~
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Wonder Woman

Viviene Weswood RHS?

I searched and didn't seem to find the answer I was looking for. so please forgive me if I missed something!

anyone know if this Rakuten shop ships overseas?
I saw it in the RHS guide. but it didn't state if they ship overseas....
they have a pair of Vivienne Westwood RHS that I am dying to get I wanted to find out before bothering them with an English email, if anyone had ordered from them before, or if I am going to have to use a shopping service.

Thanks for any help~!

<3 Biscuit

p.s. I wear a 23.5. would a 24.5 be too big for me? or would it be just about right? I heard that Viviene Westwood RHS run a little narrow.........
thanks again. I searched and didn't seem to find the answer I was looking for. so please forgive me if I missed something!
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