December 8th, 2009

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Passing On The Torch

I've been the administrator of this community for five years, and, in that time, a great deal has changed. When I took over the community in 2004, I believe there were just over 3,000 members, and today we have over 13,000. Running this community has evolved into a full time job, and at this point in my life, I don't really have as much time as I would like to give to the daily tasks that make things run smoothly around here. There are so many changes that I would liked to have implemented lately, and I simply haven't had the time.

Back in 2004, owning just one piece of anything brand was a status symbol because it was all so hard to come by, and now the ownership of brand is practically expected. The face of the fashion has changed so much. There was actually a debate way back then about whether polka-dots were lolita or not, and now I don't think there's any doubt about their status. In 2005, Angelic Pretty came out with their first super sweet advertisement, and people railed on about how it was far too princess-y and sweet and how they didn't want that kind of thing in their lolita. Now, super sweet is the standard, and what used to be considered sweet is actually thought of as classic. While I have enjoyed the evolution of the fashion and the community, I've never been much for the really sweet lolita, and I don't wear brand because I'm too tall. While I'm still very much into lolita, I feel that it's time to pass on the torch to someone who is more personally involved with the current trends and interests of the community.

I've been thinking about handing the community on to someone else for about a year, but there were no clear choices. The people who seemed best-suited to the task of administrator-ship didn't have the time or energy for it. However, after we brought on the new moderators in March, a promising possibility quickly presented itself. After a great deal of careful observation, thought and consideration, I will be handing this community to harukoko as the administrator. I will also be leaving idealia in the new position of vice-administrator. Both of these ladies are very active and level-headed and I'm confident that they will do an excellent job steering this community into the future. I have put a great deal of time and love into this community, and I feel that harukoko and idealia will do the same.

I will be sticking around in the mod community to help ease the transition, and I will be revamping the community FAQ since it's a bit out of date. However, otherwise I will be completely retired from moderating the community. I'm excited to see where our new administrator takes things, and I hope that you will all warmly welcome her to her new position.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to voice them.

BODYLINE homepage.

Hi, girls. I am having a problem since this morning here. I cannot access to BODYLINE Yokoso homepage right now. I thought maybe it's my computer's problem and tried with BODYLINE Japanese homepage. It didn't have any problem to go to the Japanese site. Is it just me or they are doing maintenance or something? I hope someone can answer me this question.
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Gothic Lolita Bible?

Quick question: I bought my first petticoat on ebay from a brand called "Gothic Lolita Bible", and truth be told, it's rocked for three years so far. Problem is, I want another one, and can't figure out for the life of me how to find a place to buy one!

D: help me out?
Lolita art

Massive TaoBao/Mashimaro_Girl review

Waaaayyyy back in late August, I ordered the carousel JSK from Rose Melody in Gold x white from mashimaro_girl . When september came by, I ended up adding a pair of the faux fur boots from Black Saint, as well as an AP bolero replica from Mashimaro's Lucky Mixi brand and double ribbon bag replica. Due to several delays on Black Saint's side due to the national holiday in October as well as Mashimaro's business trip to China, I didn't receive my package until yesterday.

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Communication: 3/5 I wish they emailed me instead of having to constantly email them for updates. However, I also understand that they were in China.
Shipping: 4.8/5 The JSK and Bolero were pretty wrinkled due to the way they were packed. :( Otherwise, shipping was quick and I got a tracking number.
Overall Experience: 4.5/5 Though there were a couple of kinks with my order, mashimaro_girl was extremely helpful and patient and I'll probably order from them again. :D

Dances of Vice New York: Trouble In Toyland this Saturday

Hello dolls! Dances of Vice is having a festive Toyland themed winter gala this Saturday, December 12 in Manhattan, who's in? There will be hot jazz, burlesque, theremin and performance art. For more info, visit Hope to see you there!

The dress code is: Toy Soldiers, Dolls, Little Boy Blue, Little Bo Peep, Hansel & Gretel, Mary Contrary, Jack Nimble, Puss in Boots, Wind-up ballerinas, Miss Muffet, Peter Piper, Jack in the Box, Jack & Jill, Elves, Queen of Hearts - or vintage and formal evening attire, with prizes for best dressed.

By the way, thank you to all the lovely Lolitas who came to the Dances of Vice Festival! A lot of great pictures from the festival can be found here and here.

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New York City area Lolitas celebrated Loliday by going to the Rose House in Flushing. Here's a selection of pictures from the night. Excuse me if I don't know a lot of your names. (I'm very bad with names and faces. slowly learning to know all of you though :D)

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Rilakkuma Face
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Coquettish Tiara quality?

I made a post awhile back concerning where to buy cute purses other than brand stores like AP and BTSSB, and I'm curious - has anyone ever purchased a bag from Coquettish Tiara? I love their bags, but I don't want to shell out $100+ for something that's poor quality. They do have a warning that states "because using a soft synthetic leather and cotton fabrics, we become prone shapeless," that made me both LOL and wonder if ordering from them might not be the best idea.

Anyone know what their purses are like? They're SO adorable...
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made by and for me exclusively. kthx.
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F+F Coat

Hey guys, I've pretty much left Lolita since I graduated university (oh the irony given that I live in Japan with it all at my fingertips!) but I still love girly beribboned things, and this coat from F&F caught my attention as being cute without too -out there-, and more importantly, something that could feasibly be worn with jeans & boots. (zomg.)

So, does anyone own it? Has anyone ever bought a custom size? I've never ordered from F&F before, and given the horror stories about 12-metre-long sleeves (I exaggerate), I'm slightly nervous. Especially as it's not exactly cheap! Should I take my 16,000 yen/$160 to Marui instead?

Any info/experiences/photos welcome. TIA!

hand made lolita (second attempt)

So I move to Atlanta and suddenly find myself into old habbits hobbies. Ever since carnet_atellier got me to do a matching "gothic" lolita Halloween piece with her for AWA I've been reacquainted and re-enchanted with the fashion. Especially decora, rococo, and generally casual stuff.

Of course, it happens when I have no disposable income whatsoever. So what is a girl who spent 2 years in fashion school and works as a journalist to do? Make her own clothes!

It's been a good 4 years since I've posted to this comm, and back then I wasn't sewing EGL stuff for anyone but my Dollfies.... so, here goes nothing!

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