December 7th, 2009

"Lolis love their cake!"

I'm wondering about those who don't... I mean like, I don't mind cake but I don't love it.

On the lolitafashion forums there's an entire section dedicated to Cooking and Recipes and it says "It's a well-known fact that lolitas love cake!" This kind of feels like the whole '... and you should always be polite and sweet and cutesy and drink tea all the time!!!' To me it's another way for people to assume that fashion dictates how you should behave.

Cupcakes, pastries, ice cream etc... Does anyone feel 'pressured' into eating cake because they're a lolita? Or to pretend that they love it more than they actually do? There are plenty of people who love cake and their eyes light up like a kid on x-mas morning when someone mentions cake but I highly doubt every lolita is like that.

Then there's the argument of 'well you DO at least like cake right? So what's the problem?' It's like how women used to be banned from entering sciences in colleges and the argument was 'well women don't like science anyways so what's the problem?'

Personally, I would never buy a cupcake from a supermarket... usually there is like, an inch of icing on top which frankly makes me nauseous just thinking about it. I prefer the more 'gourmet' and fancier desserts like crème brûlée but even then it's an indulgence.


research paper

I don't really post, so my apologies if I'm doing this incorrectly.
I'm writing a research paper on lolita, and it would be really cool if I could include first-hand accounts on what it's like to wear lolita.So, it would be wonderful if some of you ladies would reply to this post with why you wear this clothing and how it makes you feel. If I decide to use your statement, I will reply to it requesting your permission first.If anonymity is an issue, your name will not be necessary for this, as I can cite your username instead.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Also, if this post is inappropriate, or would be better suited to a different space on egl or livejournal in general, please tell me and I will change it/ move it/ delete it. Thank you.
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Velvet Fading?

Hi everyone. I hope this isn't too off topic!
I have a question about a black velvet purse that I've had for many years. About five years ago it started fading around the edges to an ugly purplish/brown color, and so to fix it up I colored in the faded areas with a permanent marker. >.< Anyway, that looked okay for awhile but the markered areas soon turned a reddish color. Here are some pictures.

Does anyone know how I could stain the velvet black again?
Thank you!

EDIT: Problem solved! Thanks everyone!
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Petticoats? Photo request :)

Has anyone on this community ever bought a rose melody petticoat? My petticoat is in almost-zombie state so I was hoping to find a petticoat which works simply :) I know of kirakirajenjen's ones but I was considering that with shipping it would be expensive (I live in Singapore now) and was considering other options. Would love to hear your reviews of relatively affordable petticoats (which won't cost an obscene amount to ship to Asia) and especially of the Rose Melody Deluxe petticoat if anyone on this community owns one. :)

Also I've just been zoned out by a Yjap! auction seller again! 0.0 It was absolutely bizarre this time as I went through celga, but the seller apparently cancelled celga's bid and even ended the auction early at a way underpriced offer. I don't quite understand it, is there such an intense hatred for shopping services? *lol XD I am so sad I don't get my red and white polka dotted cardigan :( I've been searching for one for ages and was so depressed at the outcome! Has anyone had such an experience lately too -> any idea why?
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Mashimaro Girl/ An*tai*na Boots Review

On September 20th, I participated in a group order and bought these boots through mashimaro_girl . I just received them on Sunday, so I thought, I'd share my experience.

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So in summary--

Communication: 3/5 -- I never asked personally why it was taking so long, but neither did Mashimaro offer up any explanation. So bad communication on both our parts I think
Shipping: 5/5 -- Mashimaro took very good care of my boots once they were being shipped. And they emailed me the moment they arrived.
Construction: 4/5 -- Shoes are never perfect, and these more than met my expectations, considering the amount I paid.
Overal Experience: 4/5 -- I would definitely order from this company again, and I'd use Mashimaro to do it!

I hope this helped some of you. Good luck with your next purchases!