December 5th, 2009


A deer in a dress?

Inspired by the amazing irontealeaf to do some seasoned art, I sat down with my tablet, blew away the massive layer of dust it had collected, and went to work. This thing took me 13 hours. Mostly cuz of the print of the dress that I had to design first.

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so girls! today is loliday:D :D i would like to wish you all a happy loliday♥
what are your plans? have you done anything already, are you going to?
we are going out tomorrow cause today is raining and ugly D:

Another Bodyline design competition?

I finally managed to get on Bodyline's page and it seems they're doing another design competition- over the 10th of this month this time. I hadn't seen anything on the comm about it, so did news of this manage to get buried in all the Mr. Yan wank?

And is anyone entering this time? I might enter a design for a JSK, it depends on if I procrastinate this time.
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Mille Fleurs stock pics?

I apologize for making such a post, but does anyone happen to have pictures or links to pictures of Mille Fleurs dresses? I have searched on the internet but all I have found was Baby, Pretty and a little bit of Moitie........
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American GLB sewing patterns

Hello ladies!
I'd like to order an american GLB from abroad and I'm having a hard time choosing which volume to purchase first. I'd like to base my choice on the sewing patterns included in the mook, but I couldn't find the list of patterns in the american mooks anywhere. Can someone help me, please?
(I'm sorry if the question was asked before...)