December 4th, 2009

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Lolitas Who Like Kimono?

Over in the Super Sweet 16 post, I noticed a few commenters talking about the polyester "kimono" seen in the show, so now I'm curious: How many of us here are into kimono as well as Lolita? :) I've been an armchair collector for a long time myself and recently did a panel on them here at Oni-Con in Houston.

And to keep things OT, here are examples of some of the yukata (cotton summer kimono) brands have put out in the past.

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Target Blouse Find In 5 Colors

Hi guys, I recently found some high collar blouses at Target so I wanted to share with you!

They come in black, white, brown, dark purple, and magenta! The material is pretty thick,
so it's not sheer and you don't need to layer anything under them. They have a flat ruffle
design which I'm not too crazy about but it looks okay on the darker blouses. Also, I have
not seen the magenta/berry blouse in Target. Btw, these look pretty good under a JSK!

Vice: the buttons are wider apart so it may gap slightly on bustier lolitas. It's not a problem
under a dress but I got two sizes, small and medium in black just in case they gap. Enjoy :D
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Arkansan lolitas?

Hi. I was wondering if the population of lolis in Arkansas has come up since this was last asked- which, according to the search function, would be about two years ago. I would really like to meet up with some other lolitas in Arkansas or nearby! :) I'm from Murfreesboro, AR, but I'm in Arkadelphia right now at HSU. So, anyone?


I quite like this dress, but as it is sold out on the site in the two colours i like most I was wondering about this colour..Collapse )
Does anyone know the exact colour of it?
It looks like a mix between brown and wine red o.o