December 3rd, 2009

Mini Me!
  • vivcore

Candy Violet Holiday News

Hi! I just wanted to share some news from Candy Violet. We're on our last push before we stop shipping on December 14th till January 7th for the Holidays.

We have some one of a kind coats for any one still looking for something warm for the Winter, and I thought a few people here might be interested in our current sale, Victorian Promenade dress sets and Skirts, and both casual Candy in Paris Skirts are on sale right now. we even have some discounted gift sets including our last Visions of Versailles dress.

It's been a tough year for small business, but I wanted to say a big thanks to every one who has supported us, it means a lot to us.

My Super Sweet 16?

Heard that there was an episode of "My Super Sweet 16" with a gothic lolita. Anyone want to confirm or deny this? I searched MTV, Hulu and our own little community for info and came up with nothing.

EDIT: Found! Apparently it was a Harajuku party.... what ever that entails. XD

Help with lolita christmas song

I want to write a lolita Christmas song to put on some Christmas cards I'm making and I need help with doing it in the theme of "Hark the herald angels sing" Can you help me with this?

I've already come up with the first 4 verses of the song.

Hark the herald loli's sing
"Glory to Angelic Pretty"
maidens in pink and frills
girls in lace and lots of curls

Thanks so much! <3

IW Christmas Fair Starting Tomorrow

To everyone who wanted an IW Lucky Pack- I wish there had been enough for everyone but they sold out so quickly! Thank you for understanding =)

IW is now having a Christmas Fair with giveaways~! I haven't had a chance to translate the information for the website so I'm posting it here.

1. If your order exceeds 25,000 yen, you can receive a gift of IW Bunny Slippers (Frederick Room Shoes) =D They come in several colorways but it'll be a surprise which one you get...

2. Especially for the holiday season, we have holiday wrapping paper for your orders. This is a free offer for any online purchase.

To claim either (or both) or these offers, please make sure to indicate which you would like in the "message" section of the webform when you order. Available only while supplies last ;)

For more info and pictures, visit IW's website-- scroll down to see the bunny slippers: