December 2nd, 2009


Looking for a dress!!!

Okay so this might be impossible but I can't give up!!! I have an issue of Gab (from like.. Dec. 2004 D:) and it has Tsunehito wearing this beautiful Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress. I would really love this dress omg does any1 have it? If not, does any1 know where I can get a replica???

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Lolita wishlist

I have to ask since the holidays are upon us or nearing. What is on your Lolita wishlist?

-BTSSB Pony In Sweet Dream JSK/Shoes Pink
- BTSSB Med size Bunny Bear Bag
- Plain Blue JSK (I want something to dress up fortim buront's alice in wonderland)
-Bunny Milk and snow JSK Sax
-Anything BTSSB this season I will be content with :)

Driving lolitas?

I got rather annoyed the other day, and I thought i'd ask about it. I was going out with a few friends for a day, and my car needed some petrol, so naturally i stopped at the nearest gas station, filled it up and went to pay. However at the time i was wearing a skirt and blouse, and got some of the worst glares of my life. The person at the cashier even looked at me as if to ask was i old enough to drive. So I was wondering, what reactions have any of you had?