November 30th, 2009

There are no Lollitas whatsoever in this country!

Good day to everyone.
I'm not sure if I posted this already, but I am in need of help.
I live in Kuwait- where fashion is probably the most important thoery- but I havn't been able to see any style of Lollita anywhere. I know for sure that there are people who know the style, but I've been told that I am the first person to actually wear the style in public.

As you can see, it's not very easy to arrange any Lollita meetings anywhere I know. I am not sure that I am able to contact any Lollitas in EGL because I can't really see that any member lives in the same country..

So, EGL members, if you see any members that come from Kuwait, please let me know-- and most importantly, thankyou ever so much for taking your time to read and help me out.

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If this isn't allowed here, feel free to delte this.

I was wondering if anyone has the Japanese issues of Gothic & Lolita [before issue 25] that contain Ruiza and Asagi of D [or any members of D actually]. In the interview listed on the American G&L Bible volume 1, Ruiza mentioned being in the bible before but didn't say which issue.

If so~ can you please please please scan the pages with them on it?
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I did two photoshoot with my friend, Thuvlline.
She is learning photo at EFET school in paris, and need training... If you come in paris, or live near paris, please contact me! She needs models ><

The first one is about my little pony... sweet and cute, but they can be dangerous ><
The second one is not really new: cowboy lolita!

Have a nice time and please, advice!

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Question regarding F+F coat

Winter is coming soon and because I'm moving to a very cold country so I do wish to remain warm!
Since I'm a broke person myself I noticed that F+F is selling decent coats (most of the time) for a decent price. I'm going to order it custom sized and without the big overdose of toy-teddy-fur at the bottom.

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Thank you for helping me~

Altering Brand

Hello lovelies. I received an Angelic Pretty cutsew that I bought on the sales comm today thinking that it would fit over my 44" bust, since elsewhere I'm relatively tiny. Clearly I was delusional because even though I can get into it my chest pretty much takes up the entire amount of fabric on the top, leaving only a couple inches hitting just about at my waist and is not at all flattering. The upper arm area is a bit tight too, and I feel like if I had any room to give there I would be able to move the shirt down a tad and give my girls more room to breath. I'm fairly handy with a sewing machine but I've never set about doing any alterations before, so I was wondering if anyone had any resources or advice on the matter? I used the search button and didn't find much. Thank you much. <3

Victorian Maiden Press Room

Hello EGL Friends...

I'm going to Japan in January and I'm wondering about the VM press room in Osaka. Has anyone been there? Is it a shop or something different? Google Translate isn't helping me much with this one, but I think you have to book and stuff. Any clues?

Thanks for the help
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There was a recent article in Chopsticks NY about Lolita fashion. It includes some sayings from the Editor-in-Chief from Alice a la Mode, and describes the ongoing trend within the magazine itself.

In terms of what was said within the article, I'm kind of "eh, meh" about what was said, even by Satoshi Hashimoto. e.x.: How avid Lolitas shouldn't wear more than one brand at a time, that it doesn't permit the mixing of Lolita brands? It doesn't make much sense. I'd understand if he said that "Lolitas doesn't really mix brands in general", but it seems like these were some unspoken rules, since I see many lolita snaps involving 3 or more brands being mixed up in different ways.

This "choi lolita" (wearing lolita in regular outfits, nothing new) isn't caused by the formality as much as I think the economic situation itself. Mixing lolita with other more normal styles have always been seen in Kera and the like, and now that the whole "mori-girl" trend is popular, a lot of brands accommodate to that look as well. Dunno, but to me it's really nothing new. It's not lolita for the fact that it is putting lolita items with your normal outfit, rather than taking elements of your style into your lolita outfit, but it's nothing that haven't been talked about or done before o3o

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Calling all Utah Lolis!
I'm going on an extended vacation (dec 14-jan 6) to SLC and while visiting my family is nice... that's a LONG time to be out there without something else to do... Are there any lolis out in utah who would want to hang out while i'm visiting? I come out at least once a year so it would be nice to know someone with similar interests as myself to just hang out with.