November 29th, 2009

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update on cruxcomissa

hi people,

I'm almost done consolidating the amount owed and such, plus it's been a month since we heard from belle_bete. He has ignored all my repeated emails for a refund/settlement, and no one has recieved any money yet.

If you haven't put your details in yet, PLEASE DO SO NOW

Once all the details have been finalised, I will post again with the full totals of how much he owes and charge him with internet fraud.

If someone wants to lend a hand in the US and put him in jail, that would be much appreciated. Please PM me if you have any ideas/suggestions.

Question about tax refund at Baby Paris

Has anyone from the US (or other countries that have a detaxe policy) tried filing the VAT tax refund after shopping at the Baby store in Paris? I'm currently studying abroad in France for the year and it's pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to spend over the 200USD or whatever it is at that store, so I'd love it if I could get any sort of refund haha.

If anyone has done this, how did you go about it? Did they have all the forms/information you need at the store? How was going through the paperwork at the airport? (omg Charles de Gaulle you make me want to vomit :/ ) About how much did the refund end up being?

Thank you~!! ♥
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Anatomy of a Lolita Picture Request

I need pictures of the anatomy of a Lolita, like this. I remeber a long time ago there was one out of a magazine(?) that was really good. It was pink, and had flowers on the egdges. I used to have it, but lost it in a computer crash. If anyone has it, or something better, I'd really love to see it.

EDIT: SOLVED! Thank you!
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Need some helps and ideas.

Hello everybody. I have a question about shoes.

I just got a pair of new lolita shoes for myself last week. I was wearing it all day yesterday and it seems to be already worn out a lot at the bottom of the shoes. So, my question is that how do you girls keep the bottom part of your shoes lasting longer? Because it looks like it is going to get pretty worn out by the time I am wearing it for the third time.

Thanks for stopping by.
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Issues with different whites

fuck anonymity, I need help.

Okay, so I was the one who posted that one secret about being obsessed with cleaning in L_S, and turns out I actually did fuck up an object of mine. It would probably be unwise to follow my own intuition this time so I ask you guys for help.

You see, it would take too long to tell the whole story, but basically, after seeing some mysterious, tiny stains in my BTSSB totebag, I tried washing them out... and while they actually did come out, I found some other stains from the pink towel I had dried and rubbed these stains with.
I was too rushed to take the former stains out in case these were of a hazardously permanent material [they looked a bit like oil, and I reckoned it was indeed oil, since I had this bag in the car, right next to my feet and where the door opens and closes], so I just picked a random towel to blot and rub these stains with.
I tried washing them with baking soda, detergent and soap, and yeah, they came out too, but after washing, re-washing, re-re-washing, I-don't-know-how-many-times--washing, brushing and rubbing the stains, I realised that the spot where stains were was actually whiter than the rest of the totebag, which is off-white-to-cream unlike what I had thought it was in the first place.

And you know, it's bloody annoying to see a difference of colour between the spot and the rest of the bag, so I was wondering how I could make the rest of the bag as white as the spot is! The totebag has a big heart print with jewel studs on it, and the spot is a very very crisp white, probably due to rubbing the zone with a mix of water and baking soda.
What would you advice me to do if you were in a situation like this one, without damaging the print of the totebag?

Thank you so much, girls!
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Art Post: Angelic Pretty Milky-chan art, part II

Hello again, EGL! :) I'm not sure if this entirely relevant, but since my last art post had such a great welcome, I decided to make another one which is something like a sequal to my first one "Milky-chan with a twist". This one is a lot more cuter and a bit more normal, if you will. It doesnt exactly include a lolita, but it is lolita themed, as I continued with the Milky-chan theme. So, here we are! If the moderators find in it irrelevant, feel free to get rid of it.

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