November 28th, 2009


update and shizz


just thought i would mention Emiko is taking a few months break (i don't know if she's going to make a post about this) so anyway i am going to be permanently taking over making the banner/layout and handling submissions for the monthly competitions. you've all probably noticed the banner didn't change this month due to Emiko being busy so instead last months winning artwork will go up in December. Hopefully will not happen again. I've been told we didn't get any submissions anyway so i hope it's not a problem.

also as always we are continually taking suggestions on how to improve the community so if you have anything to say feel free to use this post. i will make a post soon about the competitions etc and alter the links in reference to myself. we're also going to be rehashing the memories and completely redoing them, so i hope that'll make em easier to use! look forward to it...?

current section ideas for memories, please say if you think anything needs changing/adding~

- Sewing
- Crafting and DIY
- Online Ordering/Navigation
- Clothing Care
- Baking and Cooking
- Luckypacks
- Brand and Offbrand reviews
- Independent Reviews
- Important Community Notices
- Discussions and Essays
- Media
- Style Guides
- Hair, Wigs and Beauty
- Good for Beginners
- Other