November 27th, 2009

Alessandro XVIII

what is the difference between the BTSSB online store or Shopping service to San Fransisco Store?

I am exited about the new AATP print, Castle of nightmare and am interested in buying, but I have always gotten things from BTSSB used or through auction, so I am unfamiliar with how ordering through their website works and how much the shipping costs. I was wondering as someone living in the U.S. what the difference would be if I just got a shopping service for the BTSSB store in San Fransisco. Generally domestic shipping is cheaper, but since I assume the price of the item will be higher due to import tax as well as the shopping service fee, It might be more expensive than just ordering directly from Japan. Do people only use a shopping service if the item they want to buy is sold out on their website, or does the price break even and they choose to use a shopping simply because the San Fransisco store is closer?

Casual Sweet Lolita?

I am new to Lolita- and older- pushing 30... Ugh.
Anyhow, I need some help finding ways to be age appropriate, and still be a Sweet Lolita. Like a Casual Sweet Lolita? I did some searching and did not come up with much. I sew most of my things since I am a.) an avid sewer, and b.) lost my job a year ago, and am far south of broke. It may help to know I am approaching this as a hobby- I am an artist, a potter to be exact and it is very messy, and I have recently gone back to school, for another art degree, so I don't want to ruin the things I wear/make with paint/ink/clay/glazes/wood stain/glue... the list is a mile or so long. My mum insists that no matter what I wear for Lolita styles I will look ridiculous. Is that true? I don't believe so, but I would love to hear from other Lolita's what they think.

Alice Fururun ordering guide

Hi c:

Alice Fururun is a japanese second hand store, similar to Closet Child, Fairy Angel, Tokyo Alice or Grand Bazaar. Their prices are generally lower than Closet Child's or Fairy Angel's, and unlike Grand Bazaar, they do ship internationally and accept Paypal payments.
You can read more about them in the following entries:

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To order, you can send them an email about the item(s) you're interested in, or use the shopping cart directly. Here's a step by step guide on doing the latter c:

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Music Themed Photopost - violin x piano x Christmas

These pictures were actually taken last Christmas but due to laziness (and the fact that I wasn't quite satisfied with the pics or my coordinate/makeup/hair situation) I haven't posted them. But now that this month's theme is music and it's nearly Christmastime once again, it feels like the right time to do a little photostory ;)

I apologize for the following silliness.

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