November 25th, 2009

Sexy Sebastian

Bay Area Tea Party and Gift Exchange

How many people would be interested in a tea party with a gift exchange?

I know that December is fairly busy. I was going to book a tea room for January 9th.

Crown and crumpet can accommodate up to 20 people, and it would be around $21 per person for their light tea service. I think a reasonable limit for the gift would be between $10 and $15.

I'll make a post with more concrete details once I find out how many people, if any, are interested.

If anyone has any suggestions for other tea houses, I am open to them! I've looked at Lovejoy's and The Secret Garden as well.

Have a good Thanksgiving. :)

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creamy mami

Sewing Post/Spoonflower Fabric Review

I know someone did a pretty extensive review a little while ago, but Spoonflower now has a much improved fabric selection. I recently got a design of my own printed and just finished making a dress out of it. I got lots of questions about Spoonflower on sew_loli, so I thought I would post my own review of the fabric. The other review covered how to order already, so I will skip that part :)

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Help Finding?

(Mods if this is not allowed please delete! :D)

I need help finding a JSK/Dress on Bodyline.
If I remembered correctly, there was a dress with this matching bonnet's
print in black:

I have found the other colors, but I like black the most.
I searched everywhere but can't find it.
(Not to mention I have bad vision)

If there is not such dress, please do tell me and I'll consider something else.

Thank you!

Christmas Card Exchange (***Feeler post***)

Hello Everyone! :D

I was thinking of hosting a christmas card exchange this year. :D

In short:

* Make a simple christmas card with a sweet message <3

*Please make a self-addressed envelope with postage so that I can send you a card :D

*Deadline: December 12th (This is when you send the cards to me!)

*Please PM me if you are interested! I will then give you my address!

Thank you!

EDIT: This event is open to everyone! :D If you are sending a card from outside the U.S and cannot purchase U.S stamps, please send me your address! (That way I can send you your card)

People who are interested (I have PM'd you!)

ruin hci
panda yay
cupcake clown
layer cake lie
mood killer (?)
cynical kitten
not cute bunny
gil sarang

EDIT on 11-26-09: The last day for signing up is NOVEMBER 30th

review request?

I checked the memories and couldn't find something so in my last pitch attempt, I'd like to request a review on Alice Fururun. Has anyone bought from them before? My main concern is how accurate their descriptions of the condition of their products are. A lot of the pictures I see don't really show any problems with the products but they have "C" grades, which makes me concerned about just how bad the item conditions are... Of course it also doesn't help that google translator doesn't work perfectly. Thank you for your help everyone!
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Help with a Mark?

Today, I wore my Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny Heart Jumperskirt to school. I always war lolita, but today I dropped my pencil and have a pencil mark sliding down the pink bunny's face! What do you suggest I do to remove it?

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