November 24th, 2009

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The following people NEED to resend their addresses to if they would like to participate in the Secret Santa this year. You have been approved to participate but I haven't received your address.

If you see your name below, even if you have already sent it to me ages ago in a PM or email, for the sake of organisation, please send your address & username to:



I've already been working on pairing the people who have sent me their addresses already, so if you want to get assigned someone before it's too late to meet shipping requirements and whatnot, send your address to me ASAP. If you don't send it within two days, I'll assume you don't want to participate this year.

Thank you!
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Lolita Credit Card Debt Poll

It's been a while since I've done an extensive one like this but I've always been wondering about this...

I've seen some lolita dresses go all the way up to $900 a dress. I wonder how much debt we rack up for lolita alone. I know this one is hard to measure but an approximation would be interesting. So here is a survey!

Because of the nature of this survey, results are only available as a total and individual results will not be shared with anyone. I know this is quite personal so if you do not feel comfortable sharing this information, please do not proceed with the survey.

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Red sweet Applique coords please?!

I'm looking for coordination pictures with sweet style dresses in red with a sweet applique , like APs Milky Chan or Angel Pony. Brand or dress doesn't matter as long its a red dress with a sweet Applique. I just want to see how you coordinate the red in the dress with the pink in the sweet Appliques ^^

Sorry for my bad english

Corset skirts

Hi everyone :) I was wondering if I could get some people to post their favorite corset skirts--ones you own, ones you want, whatever. Pictures are great, names to go with them would be helpful as well. I am trying to get a sense of what's out there, as they are my very favorite article of clothing and I'm very interested in trying to buy some more through the sales comm.

One other question: how much did the Vampire Requiem (specifically ivory-colored, if that makes a difference) corset skirt cost originally? I've been ogling over the one that's being auctioned on the sales comm right now, and I hope it's not impertinent, but I'm just curious how much the original price was, and how much they tend to go for now. I doubt many people would want to part with theirs but, hey, who knows :)

Thank you in advance!

velveteen cleaning instructions?

Hello everyone!

I searched this community & did a google search & couldn't find much help.

I recently purchased a pink Angelic Pretty doll house jsk from mBok with dirty velveteen trim. I was aware of this when I won the auction - the seller gave photos & the dress was really cheap.

What's the best way I can go about getting the dirt out? Getting it spot cleaned at a dry cleaner is one option, but I'd like to know if there's anything I can do at home before I take that route. It's a beautiful dress & I don't want to risk ruining it!

All of the dirt is either on the trim along the base of the skirt, or the piece of trim the runs directly above the print. In some areas its barely noticeable & in others its pretty bad.

Any help is appreciated! :)


My life, my love, my darling--- is six cm too small in the waist.

The BTSSB Angel Grosgrain OP is what I'm talking about.

Could someone who's more experienced with the site tell me if there are other sizes? I've seen people sell Tall and L baby items. I think I'm an LL, which they may not sell. If there aren't any other sizes, any tips for fitting in to this lovely work of art?

What about someone who owns it? How tall are you? How far does it come down? These are the questions that plague me.
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Meta Candy Star Rabbit...Non-Print Version?

I was wondering if a non-print version of Metamorphose's Candy Star Rabbit jsk/skirt actually exists? It's just that I've seen a girl wear such a skirt in a photo at PMX.

Here's link to the photo with a girl wearing a non-print version and the other wearing the print version (Photo by adorable1)


Any help appreciated~ Hope you guys can help me out.
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Looking for that perfect purse.

Christmas is around the corner, and I'm planning on asking for a nice purse this year. I'd like something very girly and lolita inspired, although I don't know if I necessarily want a purse from a lolita brand like Angelic Pretty or BTSSB - that shiny enamel brands seem to constantly use for purses isn't my favorite look. I don't wear lolita on a daily basis, although I'd like to! So a cute, lolita-ish (yay for made-up words) purse would be a great way to incorporate lolita style every day, even when I have to wear a t-shirt instead of my poofy skirt and petticoat. XP

I've been searching Rakuten lately and found a couple brands that have cute purses. Frilly, pink, big bows...all that good stuff. One of the brands I'm looking at is Deary from dreamv. I really like this purse. It's definitely hime gyaru inspired, perhaps more so than lolita, but it has a few of the elements I'm looking for.

So where do you girls find lolita inspired purses other than the obvious brand stores? Are there any Japanese brands you really like?

Bodyline HeadBows~ o.o Missing?

I really want to state this short and simple.

Have the HeadBows in Bodyline gone MISSING!!? o.o

I've been checking every page and I just can't find them.
If anyone knows, could they kindly please tell me the directions :D

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