November 23rd, 2009


Free Shipping from CDJapan with PayPal

Thought this might be of note to people who like Maxicimam, Moitie, or the other brands CDJapan carries: Owners of PayPal accounts receive free shipping from CDJapan until December 2nd if they follow a link from a PayPal e-mail sent out this morning. Check your PayPal e-mail accounts and get shopping (if you want to)! I know I'm going to use my free shipping to get a parasol from Maxicimam, because the normal shipping fee on a parasol is a b***h. :)

EDIT: It seems that only users from the USA received this e-mail. And of course, only those USA users who had their e-mail preferences set to receive third party promotions. So if that sounds like you, check your e-mail, lol. x_x
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Lolita Fashion in Korea

Hello! I'm strongly considering moving to Korea next Fall to teach English, and I have a couple questions for the Korean lolitas. I did a search on the community and understand that there are a number of lolitas in Seoul. How common is it to see girls dressed up in lolita walking on the streets of Seoul? Is it more like in America (NYC), where we all dress up and meet together, or do some girls wear it as their every day fashion? How common is lolita in places outside of Seoul (like the nearby surburbs or cities like Busan)? And lastly, does Korea have any underground goth/punk culture (goth clubs, visual rock) similar to Japan's? Your answers to these questions would be much appreciated, thanks ^.^.

Too small wig?

Quick question-
Can you modify a wig to make it bigger?
I bought a wig and 2 clip in ponytails from Bang-up wig from Ebay. I love it and don't want to get rid of it. But it barely fits on my head. I do have long hair (past my bust) so that's a bit of an issue with the wig fitting. I also have a larger head. Cyperous wigs fit me well, but I cannot afford currently to get a full wig and clip in ponytails from them. I can't just get the clip in ponytails because I can never find anything to match my hair exactly.
So ultimately, I have to work with what I have. Any suggestions? The clips keep the wig from slipping too much, but at the nape of the neck, you can start seeing my hair after some time. Is there a way to attach more hair in back to give it more volume? Are there tricks one can do to make it stay put from slipping?


DS Deco Picture Request

I'm planning to buy a DS soon, and am interested in having it decorated. In order to get some inspiration and ideas for possible designs, I'd like to see what others have done with their DS's! So please share pictures of your DS's, and even deco cell phones or laptops if you'd like. Thanks!

About bustle underskirt.

I tried searching for it all over the place but could not find anything exactly I wanted so I made a new post.

My question is, does anyone happen to know how to make a bustle underskirt? Or does anyone know any websites with explanation about how to make them? I just made my self a bustle JSK, but I find that the poofs at the back is not enough, so I think I might need a bustle underskirt.
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Return of the Han-Lolita + AUSA pics

Hi there, egl. You may (or may not) remember me from this post. I come bringing you an update. :3

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The pics from AUSA are not mine (as noted by the watermark). You can find the pics from the Fashion Show at NeonPixie. :3 Go take a look! I especially loved dear_mo's black and gold VK look!

Zombie lolita hunt!

I was just watching a rerun on Cake Boss, the episode where a Zombie cake is commissioned. They were showing a clip of a zombie walk, and I paused it, to find- a lolita! She was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt with a bow or perhaps a butterfly design, and a light pink or perhaps white skirt with black trim. Who is this lolita!?!
[my apologies, the colour was indistinct]