November 21st, 2009

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APs Milky Dot Chiffong

Hi Does anybody know what this dress usually are being sold for ? I know its on APs Website and so, I just wonder what is usually are being sold for used :) Because I have never seen it being sold at the comm_Sales



hello ladies!
im in a trouble, you see, im having a runaway show tomorrow, and i need just 1 more song.
what do you think it can be used with a very sweet lolita outfit?

and also if someone knows the name of that video in wich a lolita was singing in a kitchen..x-x
please help me im in a rush!
thank you

i think i'll use Sugarless GiRL/capsule
so, the track list is the following:

fake-nana kitade
pretty girl- Larc n' ciel
Angelica M10M
Sugarless GiRL-capsule

im trying to download the song but is taken a lifetime so if someone of you has it plase give it to me!
thank you girls!

eglchat via aim!

Join chatroom "eglchat" with your aol instant messenger client and chat with other lolitas. IM "BecauseITpwns" and "Fourtimesfast" for an invitation if you are having trouble.

Thanks! <3
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Juliette & Justine - restocks?

Does J&J ever restock sold out items? I'm under the impression they do (I think I remember a restock of their Crucifixion print relatively recently), but I wanted to make sure.
If they do, do they restock items regularly or does it seem random? Do they only restock original prints? Only certain colours or sizes?
I'm interested in their latest print, l'Empreinte de la Genèse, specifically the jumperskirt, in size 2 & in aubergine/purple. I was planning on buying it but the moment I'd gotten together the funds, it was sold out in the colour/size combo I'm after :'[
Alternatively, does it being marked as sold out on the site mean it's absolutely sold out instore?

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I'm a beginner in Lolita fashion and I have no idea where to buy the clothing!!
I live around Toronto, Ontario and I don't really have a preference in Lolita styles yet.
Do you know any stores here? I heard there were some stores on Yonge but addresses would be much appreciated!(Cost is not an issue/not much of an internet shopper)
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