November 20th, 2009

  • miscy

feeler post kinda?

My bf asked me the other day what i thought would be good accessories to sell to lolis. He was thinking of making wrist cuffs and necklaces and some men's acceessories since there isn't very much in the way of boy-style stuff out there. I told him there were A LOT of deco style things generally available already and to try and do some more classic styles, but i don't see very many examples of those out there. So i turn to you EGL... what kind of accessories do you think there should be more of and can you show me some good examples? Thank you!

Metamorphose Basic Lolita Set

Just to let everyone know Metamorphose has just put up a "Basic Lolita Set" that is going to be on sale on their online store on the 23rd of this month for 5,000 yen each.

What is inside the packs:
- pair of white or black bloomers
- acrylic ribbon bangle & ring set or acrylic ribbon necklace & bracelet set
- Striped Over Knee High Socks or Border & Polka Dots Over Knee High Socks
- Original Eco Bag

More information and pictures are on Metamorphose website

Tender fleece?

So I have fallen in love with the simple style of this dress and before I put my order in I need some help to figure out a few things.

What is tender fleece? I have been sewing for years and have never heard of such a thing. I think it looks lie some sort of cotton bottom weight but I have no idea if that is right.

How is F+f at custom sizing? I fit in to one of their standard sizes but the custom size may look better with the tailoring of the outfit.

Thanks in advance for the help.
  • etched

Long Dresses? Do they exist?

There have been very few dresses lately that I have seen that were longer. Being taller, I always look for the longer jsk's but can rarely ever find any :(

So anyways, I wonder, what dresses do you know of that come longer? I may need to invest in one..

Capelet tutorial WITH hood?

I've searched the memories, and i can't find any capelet tutorials which have a hood, and I don't understand the search function over on we-sew-loli. Does anyone know how to add a hood onto a patern without one? Or can help me wth a pattern with one on?

Thank you muches!

Baby's Snow White print and washing

A fairly quick question: I recently bought Baby's Snow White print via mbok, but it arrived today and is a bit grotty (smells badly of nicotine and it's a bit grubby around the waistband.) Normally I would just gently handwash it, but knowing that some of Baby's prints are rather less than colourfast, I'm hesitant to do so without knowing that it's wash-safe (don't want the print leaking ink everywhere, especially since it's the pink colourway so leaked ink will really stain).
Has anyone handwashed their Snow White print, or is it one that should really be drycleaned? Thanks n__n

Update: Thanks for your advice, guys. I handwashed it in the basin with lashings of gentle wool detergent and rubbed at the worst stained areas, then rinsed clean. It's currently drip-drying in my shower, doesn't seem to have bled at all and is much much cleaner. I'd still like to soak the waistband with a bit of Napisan (enzyme cleaner like Oxyclean) now that I know it's safe to soak. Still, for darker colours I'd go a bit carefully since the dye of the fabric may well leak.