November 19th, 2009

Feedback Numbers on the loligothdbs

For those of you on the loligothdbs, I have a favour to ask you! We've been getting a lot of comments in the guestbook about feedback numbers not being updated. I am not particularly sure why this is the case, but (here's the favour part) whenever you have a free moment, could you cross-check that the number listed parallels with the number of positive feedback you have?

If not, then please leave a comment here with a link to your feedback page and the correct number of feedback that should be listed. It will be updated as soon as possible. Additionally, if you have just recently left feedback (or vice versa, you know someone has just left feedback for you), it may take a few days for the comment to be approved and the number to be updated as everything is manual. No bots allowed!

Thanks for your help!


For users who were on the previous LJ-based database (and for those before we invested in a commenting system), we would also like to mention that you will need to let us know the total number of feedback you should have. (i.e. You have 13 positive responses, but had accumulated 20 prior to those responses so your total is 33.) Our memories are not that good. xD So this is totally based on honour system. Thanks again!
  • ammorin


What do you think is the best parasol color that matches the most? And also does the San Francisco BABY store sell parasols and how much are they?

I'm heading over there over Thanksgiving Break and feel like buying a parasol. I need to block the sun! >:D

Stock picture request

Would anyone happen to have a stock photo of the "Alice and Bambi" Onepiece by Baby? It's my dream dress, so I'd like to drool over it during my sleepless nights. Pictures of it worn, if one of you ladies is so lucky to have it, are welcome too <3

Thanks in advance!!