November 17th, 2009

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Baby - Gloomy half sleeves parka

Does anyone have a photo of the Baby - Gloomy half sleeves parka being worn? Either pink or black is fine. I have been wanting to get it for a while but the M size seems like it will be a bit too small and the LL size a bit too large. I wish there was a L size. If anyone owns it is it true to size? The 113cm bust of the LL version seems a bit too large to me since I'm about a 95cm bust. I don't want it to look too big but I really want it. Any advice?

There is a link btw:

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Lolita "Little Black Dress"?

I'm just starting out in lolita, so i'm trying to obtain basics before I go on to the more complicated prints. I know I want to buy a JSK, as I prefer those to a blouse & skirt, so I was wondering- what is your lolita "LBD"? AKA, the basic dress that goes with everything, and can be coordinated into the most outfits. I've always like sweet lolita the most, so I'm thinking black & other dark colors are out. Pictures would be appreciated, but not necessary- just suggestions are fine too!

If this is too OT or if it's been addressed already (I checked the memories but nothing seems to fit exactly this) then i'll delete it. c:

Searching for bulgarian lolita

Hello, I am a lolita from czech republic and we have one little project there, it´s a lolita magazine called Jetaime lolita And I am writing also some articles for it and I thought that I can do some interview with bulgarian lolita because I am half bulgarian. I think that there MUST be a lolita in Bulgaria! At least one! Or there are more? Is there any community? Do you sew or do you buy brand?
It doesn´t matter if your english is not good, I can speak bulgarian. Will you write me :) ?