November 16th, 2009

Lolita Fenris

Teddy bear print..? I was getting ready to buy Baby's new Friend Usakumya Judy Jsk I started thinking...why aren't there more bear printed jsk's and op's??? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but I'm a real fan of teddy bears~♥ Anything Bear, Teddy Bear related I absolutely LOVE but I can't seem to find many dresses with bear prints. I searched around the community as well EGL sales, but I can't find much. :/ (You may all laugh at my expense due to my failure. OTL) Lately all I see are bunnies and ponies. Which are well and good, because I love both but....where are the bears?? Could someone suggest to me bear printed jsk's and op's? Any brand is fine, I just need more bears! Or maybe even fabric with cute bear prints, and I will just make my own! xD Thank you in advance~♥♥♥♥

If this is too OT, please remove!
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NYC Booze 'N' Cake Meet! UPDATES

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Guest list is still open, but is still 18+ only sadly changed to 21+ and will be closed in about a week for the final update. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT EVERYONE WHO SAID THEY WISH TO ATTEND PEER AT WHAT'S UNDER THE CUT! I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE IF THEY TURN YOU AWAY AT THE GALAPAGOS.

Edit again: The main event, which is the last part is 21+, but I have open options still for those between 18 and 20 that want to go.

Edit again again: WE ARE BACK AT BEING 18+. Please read the cut again for details. The changes are huge, but I'm trying to accommodate all the guests who wished to attend from the first list.

Poupeegirl for the Nintendo DS

Not sure if this was posted before, and it's not exactly lolita, but I'm sure it's relevant to some of your interests. If this is too far-fetched, Mods, go ahead and scrap the post.

Poupeegirl: The Video Game.

Looks like it comes out in exactly a month. I don't have a poupeegirl account and I've got my money saved up for some different games, but maybe I'll find some time to check this out :)