November 15th, 2009

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Hayley of Paramore = lolita?

Sooo I'm pretty gay for Paramore, and it only got more intense when I found out just how nerdy Hayley really is. Anyways, I was cruising ONTD and found a post on their upcoming video (which debuts on my birthday yessss!). Do these screen caps look lolita to you?? I mean, it's got the print, the pearls, the bows. Hell, is it Bodyline? Someone identify this!

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Hello Kitty & Btssb OR AP collaboration?

I'm interested in getting some HK x baby/ HK x AP dresses and accessories recently. But I'm not very sure what dress or accessories there are for the HK collabs. I only know about the baby's HK special set of jsk + headbow, ap's hk plastic bangle/rings/hairband/socks. May I know is there any more HK collaborations with baby and ap? Do show me a picture of them if you own any of the HK x baby/ap collab item! <3

All replies are much appreciated! <3
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Lolita and the Media

So, I was reading this Lolita Charm post about handling the "paparazzi." The author does make some good points and brings up a great topic, but I do think lolitas in general are pretty clueless about handling the media and what their rights are.

I don't pretend to be an expert, but I am a newspaper journalist who has had instruction in communications law. Laws very by place and are changing all the time, but these are some basic guidelines for interacting with a journalist or photographer in the U.S. Trust me, it's not as scary or difficult as you think.

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Question about baby's lucky packs...

Ok, so I reeeally want to get a lucky pack this year, but I need to know how much I need to save up! I was looking into baby's lucky pack because I heard that they are cheaper than AP, but I don't know the price! XD I would like a lucky pack that has a jsk in it, but I also wouldn't mind an OP~ Thanks!
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A little photoshoot with chocomimi...

colortheory and I went to a "Sweet Treats Lolita Tea Party." There was a pretty good amount of people there for saying it was snowing really hard, and yummy food. And sugar cubes! colortheory and I really pretty much chowed down on the sugar cubes. XD

Anyway, after the party we went to this girl's photo studio to take some pictures! Apparently she does cosplay photoshoots for a living (correct me if I'm wrong on this, will you colortheory ). She was incredibly sweet and self-admittedly new to lolita. colortheory and I got the unpleasant task of letting her know that her OP was not, in fact, a Baby dress (lace quality gives it away every time) and we felt pretty bad, but she was nice about it and we had a good time.

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Bodyline Headdress Disappearance?

So before Bodyline had more organized categories, there were all sorts of headdresses and hairbands and the like.
Like those cute ribbon hair bands and those sort of rectangular headdresses (those thing that you tie around your head). And now they're
nowhere to be found? I searched through all the categories and could not find gigantic ribbon headbands nor headdresses.

I really liked them and now I do not know where they flew off to. >:
Anyone notice this or are they hiding somewhere that I didn't look?

Mods if this isn't allowed please delete. :D
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Going to start making some repros - questions!

I've recently redesigned my commission website, but it's a little empty. So I decided that I would find my favorite brand designs and start making reproductions to put up for sale. My questions for you are:

What are some of your favorite designs OR designs you would like to see reproduced?

What do you think would be the most challenging design to reproduce (I like to challenge myself)?

What do you look for when buying a repro piece?

Given that most brand dresses use custom prints that are pretty much impossible to find elsewhere, what are some print brand dresses you love, and some prints you would like to see them in?

I'll be posting plans, pictures and everything else to sew_loli once I decide where to start :3

(PS: Since this isn't a sale post I think it's within the rules, but if it's not, I apologize in advance)
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Quick Question

Does anyone know if baby has released the "Pony in sweet dream" converse style shoes yet?

I saw them once in an issue of KERA (not sure which one) and fell in love, I've been stalking the site since and they haven't appeared.

Does anyone know if they have them in store and haven't put them up online? Or haven't they been released yet?

Thanks ♥

EDIT: Okay so it seems they appeared in the winter catalog! If anyone has or can scan this it would be much appreciated!

They are around 12,000 yen which is reasonable for normal converse even, and judging by what Baby has with sizing these days, they should come in sizes S - LL.

Colors are White, Pink and Black!

Thankyou so much everyone for helping out ♥

EDIT EDIT: We have pictures people!

A big thanks to thu_rose!
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Small Bodyline PSA

For those of you who are freaking out about how new Bodyline stock is SOLD OUT already in whatever size/colour OMG!!! I've noticed that when they add new items they frequently do not have all sizes/colourways immediately available. I can only assume that their supplier sent out one shipment that only included one size or colour and that the others will soon be in. Try checking back in a few weeks or asking them directly if the item is truly sold out in a size/color or if it simply isn't in stock yet. Several of my friends have been panicking about their new coat lol.

Edit: Perfect example- i purchased a JSK in one colourway once b/c my first preference was sold already (day 2 of it being on their site) only to find two weeks later OMG surprise the other colour was available.

Mods feel free to delete if this is too OT...
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Notice for Secret Santa!

I just checked feedback and everyone who commented on the EGL Secret Santa thread with positive feedback has been approved. Please email your addresses (regardless of whether you PMed them to me before or not, sometimes my PM box is kind of wonky) to and put "EGL SECRET SANTA" in the subject line. If you don't email me your address within three days, you will not be able to participate. You will receive your assignments shortly after that along with instructions about when to send them out (a slightly pushed back date because of the lateness of this, I apologise again, but it'll still be due by earlyish December).

Be sure to tell me in your email who you are on LJ.

Once everyone gets their assignments, I'll make a post here with more detailed information.

EDIT: I actually missed a page so I will finish approving the people on that page tomorrow. Sorry, there were lots of pages and I lost track. You will ALL get your notice of approval or denial by tomorrow night and will have to send your address to my email within three days!

Thank you for understanding!

NOT EVERYONE HAS BEEN APPROVED YET. There is still a page of people to do that I missed, but I'll get everyone else done tonight. Don't worry if you haven't heard back yet; checking feedback etc takes time, but you will definitely know today either way.
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2nd Annual National Zoo Meet Up

All of my pictures are on my Facebook as well as here. I love having lolita friends on my facebook so if you wanna see a few extra pics I didn't post here check me out:

We had an awesome meet up, though a smaller turn out then what we'd expected. All of 5 total though 14 people had RSVP'd. The day was GORGEOUS, sunny and warm, not windy rainy or even cloudy.

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mom wearing gothic lolita

hi everyone!

well, today my cousine's coming to visit us.
my mother had the idea, to show her my gothic lolita clothes.
ok, but then she said to try it on.
My mother wore the red melody dress and my cousine the white innocent-world jsk (with rose cats)
was funny, they looked like 16years young girls.

does your mom wear your clothes? :)
tell me your stories about that:D