November 14th, 2009


Looked thru the search function and can't find any reviews for them>Anyone ordered from them?

Also I'd be interested if anyone is doing a group order or would like to do one.

I'm a bit confused on their sizing, they say stuff like size 39 China sizing... I wonder if this goes by their charts accurately or not.

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Rocking horse shoes question

I have read this post about rocking horse shoes and the different suppliers and had a question about one of the ones mentioned in it.

Has anyone written a review for "Gothic Lolita Bible" rocking horse shoes or have purchased any? I want to know how true to size they are and how well made they are etc. They appear to come in custom sizes and my BF really wanted a pair for Xmas but he has giant man feet otherwise i would look at more well known brands. Any help here would be awesome.

Another Anna House question.

I have a question about the sleeve sizing of Anna House's items. My upper arm is about 28cm. Are their sleeves really tight? Because, last time I went to KERA shop in Japan, my body could fit into their blouse but my arms were kind of tight. The same thing happened in BodyLine as well. So if anyone happens to own a piece of Anna House's dress or blouse with sleeves that you can take them off, please give me some advice here.

I don't wanna spend $50 and $30 of shipping fee and end up with something I cannot wear.

Burbank Lolita!!!

Okay so I was at the Chevy's in Burbank across form the Ikeia and I saw a lolita on my way out. I could not believe it. This was the first time I have ever seen one here. She was wearing a white (wool?) coat and she had pink chi hair clips...if you are reading this pleas pm me...I would like to talk to you!!!

(mods please feel free to delete this if it is too off topic)

Does anyone know how to sign up with fairy angel?

This is my problem , i can fill out the form fine but my problem comes when it asks for the 'zip code.'
In the uk this is known as a postcode so i put that in instead but it keeps telling me 'no letters aloud!' This is kind of hard since my postcode does contain letters.

Does anyone know how i could maybe bypass this at all, or should i just give up?

Headband storage

Hello ladies! I have a quick question for which I cannot find any answers for in either the memories or via the search function so here it is:

I love headbands, and as my collection of them keeps growing, I seem to be having problems storing them. I used to keep them in a clear plastic case but they wont all fit now, specially because I have quite a bit of the acrylic kind. These tend to be kind of bulky, odd sized, and heavy.

So my question is, how do you store your headbands? I would like to keep them visible and hopefully lined up in one place. Pictures, description, tutorials, any information is welcome.

(google searching turned up some info on using oatmeal cans but this doesnt take into consideration that acrylic headbands are heavy and just fall off :(..)

Thanks girls!

Second hand brand websites?

Hey everyone ^^.

I searched like crazy for a list of second hand brand stores, I already know about Fairy Angel, Closet Child, and the EGL_com_sales, Tokyo Alice, and Clothing drop. But what about any others, I would be cool if we could create a list and save it for future. So any help you guys?