November 13th, 2009


AFA 2009 Question

Hi, I'm new to EGL community and has just very recently interested in lolita/gothic clothes. I just received my order from Bodyline consisting of 2 sets of clothes and accessories...

... and I LOVE it to BITS! XD I know Bodyline isn't an upper-class brand and I heard issues regarding their ethics and policies, but luckily my order is VERY satisfying! XD This is probably the best birthday I've ever had! XD

I'm planning on dressing for AFA 2009 (anyone going?) so any tips on make-up and/or other tips are very much appreciated!

Though the most important question for all of you going to AFA 2009 is... do they provide changing room? n_n; I don't feel like wearing the clothes in MRTs and buses... >.<

In anyway, nice to meet you all!

Angelic Pretty Coat

I am in LOVE with this coat but they are all sold out.

does anyone know any carriers that sell Angelic Pretty?

Apologies if someone asked something like this before but I couldn't really find anything similar without looking through well... EVERYTHING in archives (which I almost did but stopped after Brands)

Thanks bunches
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Bodyline Petticoats? (1 or 2 questions)

Hello, this is my first post on the EGL community so please bear with me ^^. (I also don't know how to use LJ cuts so I hope it works)
I've searched the community but I cannot find exactly what my question is about, so I hope this is allowed... (Also, English is not my mother language, so excuse any mistakes.)

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PMX Saturday Tea Party Pictures

I also have a few pictures from the Angelic Pretty panel.

I did my best on LJ names but still forgot a few. So, if anyone knows names of girls I left without please let me know.

I took over a thousand pictures at PMX (literally) and tried to narrow it down quite a bit. There were still a ton left over so I'll be posting 2 more posts of pictures later, one of the dinner meetup and one of the fashion show. Hope you guys don't get sick of me by then ;)
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