November 12th, 2009

Replica VM, MM dresses?

Heya, i really love the dresses by VM and MM (Who doesn?) But unfortunatly these are WAY out of my price range. Can Any one name, or tell me any good replica brands that do anything like this?

Thank you =D

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It was so lovely meeting so many people and staring at you cuties from far away. I'm sorry if I didn't get your picture or I can't remember your username (it takes me awhile sorry! ;__;) Please don't be offended! Let me know if you want a username added or a picture taken down ♥

Sorry if these photos are too grainy/blurry. The low lighting plus my not so great camera wasn't a great combination for good photos =/

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looking for a post...

i'm looking for a certain post x_x

i think it was from earlier this year. it was a Cyperous review of someone who had ordered clip-in pigtails and one of them had arrived with the clip broken. in the post was a link of how to make clip-in pigtails with a claw clip like this.

if anyone has a link to that post/tutorial i'd really appreciate it


I searched and searched and didn't really find what I needed. ;___;

Soooo, my question is about sleeves. Like on OP's..
My body, decides to store all my faaat in my arms >~<
So sometimes sleeves are a little tight around my arm.
I have the Melty Choclate puff sleeve JSK, and the sleeves fit very nice, and they stretch out quite a lot.
I really just want to know, which Angelic Pretty OP's have the most room when it comes to sleeves.
Also if anyone owns the Star Night Theater OP from AP, could you tell me what the sleeves are like? :DD

Thank you very much~~

Buying Authentic Vivienne Westwood RHS

I used the search bar, and came across a really informative post of all the possible options for buying rocking horse shoes. I gave it some thought, and I want to invest in a real pair from VW.

From what I understand, they're made to order and have to be placed at one of the stores in London. In the guide there was a user who offered a shopping service, however her journal no longer exists. Would anyone happen to know of any other methods/shopping services that deal with ordering real rhs? Thanks frillies~