November 10th, 2009

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Yet another cheap off brand find! I wish i was shorter just so it wouldn't look SO ero on me lol, i plan on adding a ruffle once i get some trim or lace (for your reference i am 5' 9" or 175cm). Got this at hottopic for 20.00 because the zipper was broken. It's new and is about 40.00. The lace on the underskirt is not the worst i have encountered. It IS rachel, but its soft and mimics net lace very well. The dress is fully lined with side zipper entry, made from a decent cotton blend, has a good weight to it. I look like hell b/c its 4 am here but i wanted to share! as soon as the hottopic website is back up i'll link it.
Edit: That is dot tulle on the top and it has waist ties.

(i seriously need to add that ruffle ASAP -_-;)

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BABY in San Fran Question

I thank you for the help in advance. ♥

My parents have decided to take me on a weekend trip from Canada all the way to San Fran to go visit that weird store. It's not like I have a problem with that. So my question stands...  Is there anything I need to know before I walk into the San Fran BABY store? Like courtesy etc.? Any warnings?  I just don't want to make a fool of myself. I have all the other information I need like the address and etc. via the search function!


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Hello kitty collabs

Does anyone know if the Lolita brand collabs shown at the Japan Nord fashion show in Paris were available or sale? If so, does anyone have them? My friend and I were in Japan recently and most stores were sold out of their hello kitty items. We are in charge of the 35th anniversary fashion show at royal/t this Saturday and it's last minute but if you can sell your items to us or allow us to borrow them, we'd be willing to pay for shipping.

If anyone knows anyone with these items please pass this post along to them. We really wanted to show off Lolita fashion at the show along side everything else.

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Himeyuri - Mashiro


Ok I know, Milanoo has upset quite a few of us it seems. I put in an order for a skirt and bloomers before I read any of the stories posted here about Milanoo. I have spoken to Peggy twice already about my order [that hasn't even been SHIPPED yet, even though it was supposed to be here almost a week ago]. I'm really thinking of just asking for them to cancle the order.

Have any of you cancled orders from them? If so, did they offer a full refund?


I emailed them asking for a refund, explaining everything and got a reply quite fast which read:

" Deeply apologize for the delay of your package.I've checked your order for you,it show your package has arrived at our sorting centre for quality check procedure.We can ship out your package soon. "

I guess thats a bit better then "Your package isn't at our sorting center yet". I just hope its the truth x__X;.
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