November 8th, 2009

  • miscy

so i LOVE off-brand loli, because i'm a poor mofo. so when i find sites like with a few loli (and more specifically EGA) items i get all excited. I used the search function and came up with only questions about this website and ONE person who purchased from them (i have ask that person to tell me a bit about their experience). Even my googling the rest of the net came up with pretty much zilch. I just wanted to see if anyone else since the last time this had been asked has purchased from them? I don't want to be hit by another milanoo :(

A question :D

A friend mentioned it to me, and since then I've been thinking a lot about it. That is, making a lolita fashion show in one of my local cons. My question is, when you guys organize them, do you charge or get charged for it? And if you have any tips about this, I would gladly aprpeciate it. Thanks in advance!

Silver Dynasty- seller on ebay

I'm just wondering if her products are of quality, I mean, she does have quality prices, but I'm just wondering if anyone here has bought from her? (I searched through and didn't find any posts)
My boyfriend bought me this dress
and it should arrive this week, I'm just wondering if I should return it or what?

Skirt Survey

Hello, my name is Skylar and I’m currently in college as a fashion design major. I’m interested in making replica skirts of high priced designer brands (such as AP and Baby) for a lesser, more affordable price. I’d also mix in a few of my own designs. The skirts would be printed on high quality cotton with a custom fitted waist and a size zipper. I have a few questions before I start putting these into production and will show some samples as soon as I have them made. But first I'd like to ask the community a few questions so I can be sure to create something people will like.

What are some of your favorite prints? Please include image links.

How important is a lining in a skirt to you? If a skirt doesn't have a lining are you less likely to buy it?

How much would you pay or a professionally skirt constructed as listed above?

Edit: I was inquiring about the replica skirts because I assumed there would be a big demand for them. I assumed wrong and would much rather make my own designs.

Thank you.

Question about BodyLine heart buckle shoes.

I know this has been brought up before but I could not find the entry so I'll just ask a really quick question here. I know those heart buckle shoes are the replicas of BTSSB. I also think that I heard that the size of them runs bigger so people should order one size smaller than their actual size. If I am a Japanese size 25, I should order a size 24 or 24.5?

I know I sound kind of stupid here but I don't wanna get a wrong size.

Easiest Skirt And Blouse Sewing Patterns?

Heya all.

I'm still rather new to the whole Gothic Lolita style, and I have a few items. However I am reaaaally broke at the moment and wish to give it a go sewing some of my own things. I know how to use a sewing machine and have made a few small things, but never anything such as clothing. Can anyone please help me with a relativly easy tutorial or point me in the right direction?

Thank you

Lolita Fenris

Dress modifications and Questions.

So..a while ago I posted something in the EGL community asking about a bodyline dress I liked. Well I measured myself a while ago, and found out i am not a skinny girl. Lol. I'm 5'2 and Im asian, and though I hate stereotypes about asian's having small busts, I have a rather...large bust and a fluffy curvy waist to match.  My bust is  37"in and my waist is 31"/32"in cant remember.(Im sure you can tell there's an obvious 5/6" inch difference in the two..)  Anyway, my point issss that I'm afraid my body shape isn't...well..loli. The dresses I have bought have always been in the extra large size(which are too big for me some reason because Im tiny in reality!!) or made by me. Which is fine, but I really like these two dresses from Bodyline. I'm not afraid to edit them, but I really dont want to. It's depressing when you buy something and it doesn't fit. Really it is.
The two dresses I want would be... these two.
and this one:

They have shirring that extends to 35/36" and the waist is 31"/32". Do you think I could edit them, or it is just better to just not try at all? I dont know. It upsets me. Really it does. Has anyone ever edited one of their dresses that did not fit? How did it go?
What do you all think about the more busty loli's?
Either way this wont discourage me (much) and I will keep dressing in what I love, but surely some of you must understand? :o

Help me lolifying this thing?

Well, I don't own any lolita clothes yet, specially since I don't earn any money, but my mom wants to help me. I'm going to commission my first dress to a nice lolita seamstress but meanwhile, my mom suggested me to lolify some old clothes.

So I received this thing:
(it's white with black and grey squares)

I'm not sure if it can really become lolita, but I still wanted to try

with some quick mad ms paint skills I edited it to this:
(it's now only a top, I added a white yoke with a bow of the same fabric and ruffles, a vertical white line with small decorative buttons and ruffles to the sides, plus a black heart)

I'll use the skirt to make the ruffles and maybe a headdress because it's impossible for that tight skirt to become a lolita one

Any help/suggestions? I really want to have some lolita clothes soon...