November 7th, 2009

Kids Yoyo Carnival Replicas

I did a search but didn't really come up with useful information. Or any information at all, actually.
I know these Carnival replicas from Kids Yoyo have been out for a while now, I haven't really seen any reviews of it. I've been eyeing it for a while, and also trying to figure out if it's something I would be comfortable actually wearing. But mainly trying to figure out what the quality is like.

Do any of you girls have this replica dress (or skirt/JSK)? Do you have any of your own pictures? How does the quality seem in terms of finishing details? What's the fabric like? Is the skirt very full, as in comparable to real AP?

Oh, and which taoboa service did you use, and did you have a good experience with them?

thank you for your time.

Edit: I'm actually especially interested to see any pics of the PinkxWhite, BluexWhite or BlackxPink versions, as those are the ones I don't think I've seen around.

Lolita Scrapbook Day 2, Vancouver BC

Do you have photographs of yourself or with friends somewhere? We all have these. ♪ Not to fear, come join me in for a day of scrapbooking fun!

♥ Spread the creative love with me at Aberdeen Centre.
♥ Making lovely stuff together feels lovely and makes you feel lovely too!
♥ Bring money if you should desire for Daiso and other goodies.

Why scrapbook?
Scrapbooking is a sure-fire way to make a day 100% better.

Bring photographs pertaining only to lolita please and supplies if you have any! ♪ And if you wish to do just your own scrapbook that's tottaly fine as well.

Scrapbooking is just so stress free, and excellent for sharing with yourself or others. Nothing brightens a day like doing arts and crafts!

I hope that you can all make it! Let's make this one not a bust.

Date: November 14th, 2009
Time: 12:30pm-5:00pm
Location: Aberdeen Centre, Beard Papa's in the food court!
City/Town: Richmond, British Columbia



  • madidi

Momo's Petticoats?

I know Momo's doesn't have the best reputation, but recently I've seen a few posts that have stated that their quality has improved a lot. I was looking at this petticoat they have for sale on eBay (I need a new white one), and I was wondering if anyone here has bought one. Can anyone tell me anything about their pettis? Really, I just want to know how poofy the thing looks pretty poofy in the photo. I don't care so much about scratchiness or cheap materials; it's just a petticoat (and I danced ballet for years, so itchy doesn't bother me haha).

I have decided to go ahead and buy it, so I will post my own review and photos of it worn when I receive it! Thank you <3

A quick question about Anna House.

I am interested in buying this blouse from Anna House.
Since I have never ordered anything from them, I have a question about the size. I have 35inches of bust and 29 inches of waist. My question is that are those sizes on the website generally run bigger or smaller or just as right? So, should I leave some spaces and go for the XL or should I order just as right the L size? Hope someone can help me out here.

ATC's finally done!

As of last week, everyone who participated in the ATC swap has had cards sent back to them!

Thank you everyone for participating! I'm glad the swap could become a reality.

Please be expecting your cards in the mail soon! I hope everyone is happy with the ones they got. =)

I'm sorry about the delay in sending them back, and I hope I can do another swap in the future. =)
  • miscy

I <3 Anthropologie!

Found a great off brand dress at Anthropologie today... its on the clearance rack so they no longer have it on their website EDIT: I LIE! I FOUND IT AFTER A BIT OF SEARCHING!. Apparently Drew Barrymore wore it in an SNL sketch a few weeks ago (about 10:00 min in). It needed a few things to make it more 'loli' but i love the semi-vintage look of it! Pardon my lack of make-up and decent hair, i just got back from the mall and really wanted to share!

i am wearing a cheap underskirt (i plan on making a dot tulle one to go with it and many other dresses) and a crappy ribbon sash. I am very tall so its a tad ero short on me, but its made of awesome heavy cotton blend fabric and HAS POCKETS YAY! Buttons down the front and has a side zipper. Totally worth my 70.00

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