November 6th, 2009

Reviews on Lolita BabyAngel?

Going to get some money soon and of course when I do, my shopping crazed nature will come out. Haveing known about this store for quite some time now, only just forgot.

Lolita BabyAngel  , is the name, only just hearing about it for the first time then when I found the site.
It seems trust worthy, though, personally, I find the clothes a tad bit ugly, but maybe that's my opinion. (I'm more in it for their bags and shoes).

I've been lurking around that site, but I'm still not sure about how trust-worthy it is, or is there something I'm missing that everyone else seems to know and that I'm just el stupido?

Any reviews, warnings, or encouragments?
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Seeking Identification Help!

As some may know, Isuffered a theft of quite a bit of personal property this past summer. All of my Alice and the Pirates gear were stolen (because they were all packed together) as were all of my purses. Being the pack-rat that I am, luckily I have saved most of the tags from my Loli Items that I purchased new "just in case."

So here is my dilemma, I need help identifying some items by only the tag. I know you ladies are more savvy than I when it comes to this kind of thing, and any help would be appreciated.

The tags I have are as follows. If you can idenitfy them or have stock images I would greatly appreciate it! It would make replacing the items that much easier.

Baby Item Numbers:


Alice and the Pirates Numbers:
101*919 (I think these are the AatP Boots I have (had), but not 100% sure)

Thank you so much for your help!


EDIT: Some have been identified via pm thanks!
Addition: Does anyone have pictures and/or the stock number for the Marie Antoinette Bucket Purse? I have some photos of me with it, but that is all.

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Milanoo banned from the community

Warning against Milanoo and Ban from the community

In light of the fact Milanoo has inferior customer service, can't seem to see what they've done wrong and has created several LJ sock puppet accounts to try and support their behaviour, they are now banned from the community. Any sock puppets they try to create will be instantly banned.

Recap of situation courtesy of Celticfreefall:

1.) Customer posts godawful review.

2.) Boycott is started.

3.) Milanoo flips and starts trolling.

4.) Apology is posted immediately after troll post. Woweee what a coieen-ke-dink!

Socks so far: nancy245 , superlaan , lblb198778 , susie_lu , lolitafun 

UPDATE (20/07/10) Milanoo operates several different store fronts, is sold through various on-line retailers and create fake blogs/websites/reviews to try and promote themselves under the guise of being a lolita. See a list of them here. Buyer beware!

UPDATE (10/10/10) Milanoo are still active and trying to post on the sales community. Because of moderated posting their sales aren't getting through, but be warned, they are very much still around!
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Ero Kodona

So I was thinking for a possible Ero Lolita outfit - Bloomers, garters, boots, some sort of corset and a zillion Lolita accessories. Is there an equivalent for Kodona (Girls In Kodona and Males in Kodona - Prince Styles and Masculine Aristo style?)?

I got to thinking - I saw some early erotic paintings/drawings of courtesans from the 17th C who dressed as boys for their patron's fantasies. They wore the same breeches and stockings, their hair tied back in a loose, rakish ponytail, wearing men's white shirts, loose and open again in a rakish fashion.

In the context of a Kodona style Ero co-ordinate I got to thinking which elements would make this up.

Would you wear tighter breeches to emphasize legs (or if your a dude, crotch), shorter versions of knickers/breeches teamed with garters and stockings (as a suggestion of underwear), under bust style corset over the shirt (underwear as outwear dynamic) or a hard boned waistcoat or a corset instead of a waistcoat/vest? Perhaps the typical white shirt worn unbuttoned, cravat tied loosely (think that scene in Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth stumbles upon Mr. Darcy wet from swimming *swoon*) - this possibly being applicable to both men and women, the exposure of breast bone and clavicle or the peek of the swell of breasts.

These conventions are probably just a product of what I consider "ero" (soft butches, girly girls in boyish clothing and girly dudes :D) and attempting to keep within the conventions of what constitutes Kodona/Prince styles.

What I'd like to hear is your thoughts on the subject eglers.

DHL Questions?

So I went on Bodyline a few days ago and there's a "DHL fee 0 or DHL fee fixed 20 US dollars campaign! From 1st,Nov to 30th,Nov."
sale thing.

Apparently, I have NEVER used DHL, so I don't know a lot about it.
I have used the search function on EGL, but couldn't find all the answers to some of my questions.

Questions: ( I'm so sorry!) D8

Do they charge a lot on taxes? (I live in USA, btw)

Does the charging on taxes depend on how much item is being shipped? Or does it depend on countries?

Is it possible to send it back to Bodyline and hopefully they send it back without taxes? DX
(I heard that while searching it for hours)

If there is already a post like this please let me know! >__<


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"bandwidth exceeded"

anyone else getting the bandwidth exceeded photobucket photos on a lot of the EGL entries?

I have to copy and paste image locations to see most pics, and after that I'm able to view them fine if I click on the entry again etc. its been happening to me a lot in the past week or so.

I think EGL gets too much traffic for photobucket, it would be neat-o if people used tiny pic or something other?...*cough*

Appraisal needed for BTSSB Mint Le Oiseau Bleu Madeline JSK

 I need an appraisal for this JSK:
the BTSSB Mint Le Oiseau Bleu Madeline JSK
It is is in mint condition and it was the last one in stock.
I was told by the store manager of the SF branch that this dress is 4- 5 seasons old
and is actually very rare.

here is a gallery of the dress in question:

I'm asking this because I'm actually kind of "iffy" as to whether I want this dress.
It was an impulse buy because I really loved the print.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you. ^^
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Offbrand Mini Top Hats!

I just wanted to point out that Torrid is selling mini top hats, and they actually look kinda cute! They come on a headband too, so no having to hassle with clips or ties. Though I suppose if you wanted to, you could easily take off the headband and replace it with anything you prefer. It's $14.99.

Granted, Hot Topic also has one, but it's a different style, and after having tried it on personally I wouldn't suggest it to anyone. It doesn't look nearly as good as the Torrid one does, it's not sturdy, and it has an flimsy elastic string to hold it on your head. Also, it's more expensive than the Torrid hat ($19.99). I personally wouldn't recommended it, but if you like it, then...
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Misako Aoki in Moscow

I'm posting this on behalf of the Russian Loli community.

Some time ago an announcement was posted to the site of Japanese Embassy in Russia - Misako Aoki was to visit Moscow as Kawaii Ambassador. To describe our excitement better I should say that we've never had anything like this happen - while AP and BTSSB visit the US and France regularly, up till last year the best we've had were Anime Cons. Only in November last year did Tokyo Decadance come to Moscow, followed by An Cafe in March and then other bands. In the cultural sense Russia was a pretty much blank spot on the map for Japan, much to our disappointment.

The head of Loli community in Russia (and Moscow), Korin, did her best to make this event happen and, needless to say, it was mindblowing!
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PS. Sorry for the HTML fail >.>