November 5th, 2009

angelic pretty

Art post: Milky-chan with a twist

So, this is my very first post into the main community and I decided to start out with my strongest(?) department, which would be the drawing. I wanted to draw something related to Angelic Pretty's Milky-chan, the little deer who has been my latest crush in the lolita fashion. The Milky-chan  inspired outfit is worn by one of my comic character, whome I love to draw in a many different clothing styles, since she looks very ... intresting in everything - click the cut to find out why. :,D

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Reporting a scalper; make sure you have the right person...

Hello all lovely ladies. As usual, I'm really sorry if this post is inappropriate, but since it concerns EGL_comm_sales, I thought this could go here.

Today I received this email : 

Dear Maiko Star
Some of our customers informed us that you're selling our products in very expensive price
through Live Journal.
Our staff in San Francisco store know about it as well.
If you purchase our products to resale, we' ll refuse to deal with you after this because we
wish to sell our products to good customers.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Any lolitas going to Akicon?

I may have missed a post for this con, but I didn't see any amongst the floods of PMX posts, so I was wondering if any lolitas are going to Akicon in Everett, WA this weekend (November 6-8)?
Maybe we could set something up, like a tea party or photoshoot meetup? I dunno, haha. Hope we can plan something!
I don't live in Everett so I don't know the first thing about where we'd be able to meet, and I just kind of wanted to get a head count on who's going to Akicon. C:

Me! purinyappykura
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Poll: The Battle of the Bunnies!

Baby just released a new print that has bunnies on it: Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry. So my question is, between AP's Cherry Berry Bunny and Baby's new print, which do you prefer?

I know this is all subjective of course! But I wanted to get a poll. Let the battle of the bunnies start!!!!

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tokyo rebel logo

Victorian Maiden Reserves in the West!

We know not everyone reads our blog or the smaller sub-comms, and this is a pretty big deal so we wanted everyone to know about it. If you've admired Victorian maiden products from afar but always thought their best items were somehow unattainable in the past, you now have an official and fully authorized way to reserve all of their newest stuff here in the west. Us :)

Going forward, our VM reserve page should more or less mirror the reserve page on VM's own site, but for English speakers, with worldwide shipping. The first series we've been authorized to reserve is the Rose Garden series, which you can reserve until November 7th *only*.

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Milanoo Boycott

Due to recent developments including ridiculous wait time, shoddy items and non-existent customer service, I'd like to call upon the members of EGL and lovers of lolita fashion in its entirety to boycott Milanoo and it's goods.

It's known that representatives of Milanoo read this community, and have even interacted with users, though only on "good reviews" or with people who are satisfied with their services. It should be both ways. Milanoo needs to clean up it's act before this community continues to support it financially, in addressing the issues with basic item quality and keeping up good communication with its customers. Items are not only arriving late, but they are not responding to customers who are trying to find out what is going on with their orders. Their customer service is notoriously horrible. Orders are being churned out with complete disregard to even the most basic concern for quality. Milanoo also chose to troll this community to berate those who received unacceptable items as well as posting fake reviews on rather than acting like a responsible and rational business in response to our concerns.

Dearmilanoo_support, we, the undersigned, will not purchase your items until these concerns are addressed and every customer's issues have been resolved.


If you wish to participate please comment with "signed" in your comment subject line.milanoo_supporthas been PMed with a link back to this post.

harry potter

bodyline skirt

Hi! i just joined this community because I had a question for you all. I was looking over the bodyline website, and they have some ADORABLE stuff on there. But I'm not a tiny petite size 0 type girl. in fact I'm more along the lines of a 9 in pants. :[
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do you think I'll be able to fit it? i measured my waist and hips, and my waist is 78ish and my hips are around 95ish kinda. (i did it with a tape measurer, so my measurements might be off slightly.)

do you think i could pull off wearing that? if anyone has bought this type of skirt thing before, how has it sat on you?

also, sorry if this this question has been asked before!

Dances of Vice Festival III is coming...

Hello Lolitas! The 3rd annual Dances of Vice Festival in New York is only 2 weeks away! This year the festival is being held in a nautical seafaring theme, featuring all manner of chimerical amusements, from a luxury cruise to historical fencing demonstrations, Baroque opera and ballroom dancing. The theme is perfect for the pirate princess Lolita.

This year, the festival will be held in several stunning and exclusive locations: Fort Hamilton (ca. 1825), a handsome historical armory which overlooks the New York Bay - The Montauk Club (ca. 1889), an opulent Victorian clubhouse modeled after a Venetian palace - and The Vault of Element - architectural marvels of the 19th Century, all. In line with our nautical theme, the festival weekend starts off with a luxury cruise aboard The Jewel.

If you're interested in sailing away with us this month, visit for details!