November 4th, 2009


Bodyline 1069 blouse request

Has anyone bought this set from Bodyline? I'm wondering what the blouse underneath the jacket looks like.

Also, I wouldn't mind seeing pics of it modeled, if you've got those too. A friend wants to buy me something from there for Christmas and I'd like to know what I'm asking for.

Sorry for spamming your f-list with another Bodyline request! ^^0

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Photo Request! Vampire Requiem

I'd love to see any and all photos of you wearing Vampire Requiem Short JSK or Corset skirt in any and all colourways. I'm thinking of getting it but don't have time to trawl through daily_lolita posts ^^; Thanks!
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Princess Heart Cafe @ Ginza

sassystrawberry (Singapore), pect (Australia) and I went to Tokyo last week, and thought we might share our visit to the Princess Heart cafe in Ginza in rori.

We had originally thought to go to the Alice in Wonderland themed cafe, but they didn't reply to sassystrawberry's email, so we got our hotel to make reservations at Princess Heart instead.

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Bodyline shoe help =(

(sorry if i lack any T's, my laptop keyboard is acting weird, and doesnt like T's)

So i bought myself a new pair of shoes from bodyline, and i was barely wearing them for 10 minues,when i noice a weird bump on the oe area!

Its like the part of he shoe that wasnt ouching my toes is sagging!
i have been currenly been keeping the stuffing in them to keep it from getting any worse.

How do i fix his? why does his even happen, and how can i prevent i from further harming any of my other shoes in the near fuure?

Note: this has happened on my hear buckle replicas as well.

Pics o show you:

bump on the righ shoe (it is worse now, hat was when i ried it on once and then ook picures)

Any reviews on Draculaclothing?

Well, I've been currently planning on getting pieces of  my outfit for my high school prom next spring. In this planning I discovered this online store called Draculaclothing(dot)com.

Being a site on the internet, I wasn't sure about buying from there so soon without some reasurance.

So, my question is if anyone has ordered, or attempted to, anything from there. What happend? Are they trust worthy?
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Questions: washing, ordering from Bodyline

If this isn't allowed, deletion of this post would be fine. Sorry, I'm a noob to this type of thing.

1. How does one go about washing Lolita clothing, exactly? Hand-washing? Dry-cleaning?

2. Is the ordering system on Bodyline easy or problematic? (I've never used paypal before, so I'm freaked out about the prospect of doing so.)
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Bodyline Dress Inquiry! @A@

I hope I spelled inquiry right...>.> Anyway! Its my first time buying something from Bodyline, so I was wondering if there really trustworthy! The prices are so low compared to BTSSB and AP that Im a bit skeptical. I have been looking through many posts and they look alright...but opinions would be nice.
Also, does anyone own these Bodyline JSK('s)? :
Or something like it? I wanted to see how they looked and the quality..
And another thing!(I know I ask too many questions) I dont quite understand the sizes in bodyline,they usually sell them in a standard size right? I'm 5'2, and unproportionate lol. I have a bust around 33-36(I cant remember) and a waist about 27'. :o Do they come in different sizes? Or do they only come in the sizes that they show on the side? Im so confused. Please help. x.x
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Hello Lolis - Street Look Europe

 Yep, I'm in my university library and I'm researching for a morning hand in (most likely an all nighter job)

and on my search to fill my folder, I've come across these lovelies


anyone recognize them?
I'm not looking for them but thought they might know I've come across them...

I know EGL is filled with...stuff but something else to cast your eyes upon