November 3rd, 2009


Lolita feature #2 - posted :)

Better late than never: I just posted the deviantART feature I was talking about the other day. :) You can see it here :)

Thank you everyone for submitting gorgeous photos, especially to those who gave me a heads-up to their galleries in my previous post! If you liked the feature and are a dA member, remember to +♥ (fav) the article so it gets more love. I hope you enjoy my pick, and sorry for repeating one of the first images - I hit preview a million times, but it still slipped through. ^^;

Baby lucky packs?

I was really wondering, did baby sell winter lucky packs last year? If so, does anyone have any pictures?

AND this might be a stupid question, but I heard of some people getting pettis with their dresses from baby, do they always do this, or just with some of them?
Any help would be greatly appreciated ^^


This is kinda last minute, but, I was planning to go to pmx and stay at my stepdad's mom's house but she has swine flu so now I have nowhere to stay :[
My question is, is anybody willing to let 1 extra girl stay with them at the hilton/anywhere?
of course I can split the room cost :)
*edit:preferably Saturday night, but friday, or both is ok !

Found! for now xD
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Show me what you got!

Sooo, I feel like drawing more super cute lolitas, but I am not friends with many! (At least I haven't seen them posting lately :( )

So I would love if the members of this community show me their favorite coordinations (you wearing them of course!) and I will pick maybe two or three to draw in my spare time. You can use the art for graphics or backgrounds or whatever your heart desires.

Show me your best looks :)

Thanks for the overwhelming response! I will do my best to draw what I can in my spare time. Let me say, all of you girls are absolutely beautiful. Keep workin it :D

Theme post: puffball hairstyle tutorial

This is a hairstyle I rely on when I want my hair up and big/puffy. It works really well for OTT sweet styles and is pretty easy to do. I went as a fairy princess for Halloween, so although my outfit is not really lolita, I figured I would take photos of the process and put them up as a tutorial.


(Sorry for the excessive sparkles - the photo was taken pre-makeup so I felt like it needed a little extra n__n)

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Muffins; Just a Ugly Cupcake

Ordering From Closest Child

I've used the search function but the only guide I found was from awhile back.
I'm wondering if anyone has ordered from Closet Child & if so could they give me some advice.
I've got the point where I've followed the information on the site about international orders & I've got an comfirmation email.
What happens next?
Do I reply to comfirm the order?
Any help would be great thanks.
digital kitty

kitty prints and fakes


This is my first post to this comm and I have two small queries. As you can tell from my username and icon I'm a cat person and I was wondering if there are recent  and not super rare cat themed prints, I read through the comm memories and google and I  could only find a Meta print from last year that is probablyy out of stock, discontinued  etc'm also plus sized with a huge bust so this complicates my search 

 I also have a question about nonbrands, I currently own one  EGL  style dress thats black and red lace, It doesnt have a label  and is definitely not  EGL brand  and I found it for like $100 in a random vintage clothing shop in Saratoga NY, It's not very fancy but  its pretty  and not over the top and it has fit my fatty-chan body like magic for years. I hope to one day buy a real EGL brand dress but i was wondering if  others in the comm have look alikes and wannabe lolita stuff and how you make them look a bit more in style.  I cant take a picture right now but if your interested  I could upload one later for a better look so you can see what I'm working with. (I have worn this dress to cons before and have not been shunned yet  btw ,lol)

Thank you all very much, I hope to become involved in EGL fashion soon.