November 2nd, 2009

Photopost: NYC Disney Meet Up

Disney's A Christmas Carol Train Tour

We met at Grand Central and headed off to Disney's A Christmas Carol Train Tour. There were some exclusive behind the scenes stuff and a face morphing photo~ And we also watched a trailer and cuts from the movie in 3D. Then lunch at Burger Heaven and shopping at the Disney Store!

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PS: It was really fun meeting everyone~!! I'm really sorry if I forgot anyone or didn't have your picture. Some of my pictures came out blurry and the lighting was not fantastic. Please feel free to add your name, I know I forgot a lot of people's usernames!!

November themes

Hi guys, as it's now a couple of days into November it's time for a new theme. The winning Banner Art piece is this lovely musical-themed picture by xmordecaix, and our themes this month have drawn inspiration from it.

The General Theme for November is Hair and Makeup!
Inspired by the gorgeous piano-key bonnet, hairbow, rose corsage and lovely lilac hair in this month's banner art, the theme this month calls for your favourite hair and makeup styles. Are you an OTT sweet lolita who loves to fill your hair with bows and sparkle, a classic lolita who can wear a bonnet like the best of the Victorians, or perhaps a gothic lolita who can rock a smoky eye makeup look like a professional makeup artist? Show us your beautiful hair and makeup looks, favourite hairpieces and how-to tutorials.

The Aesthetic Theme for November is Music!
Musical themes abound in lolita style, from violin-case bags to gorgeous prints of musical instruments, notes and piano keys. Do you play an instrument? What music do you love that evokes the feel of lolita for you? Get out your music box and show us how you use music as a theme or inspiration.

We'd love to see how you all interpret these themes. The journal style will be up in a few days once emiko has done the theming.

Best off brand prints?

I want to buy a print skirt but I'm not really feeling any of the brand's choices right now, plus since I wont wear it that often I'd just prefer not to spend the money. So I was wondering what everyone's favorite non main brand shop that offer's prints is? Other then bodyline.

Small blouses?

Does anyone know where I can get a decent blouse that's quite small (about a UK size 6), and not too expensive? The only one I have that fits me properly has horrible lace. D: I did get a decent one from Bodyline, but it was too big. It has shirring, which makes that particular area just about the right size, but above the shirring is far too big, and makes my shoulders look huge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Quick Poll: Roll Call - Who is attending PMX?

I am very curious / excited to see who will be attending PMX! It seems like there are fewer people attending the tea party this year than last year. I could be completely wrong but I was just curious to see how many are actually attending PMX / Tea party.

Are you attending PMX?


If you are attending PMX, are you attending the Wonderland Tea Party?


Why or why are you not attending?

Musical lolitas?

hooray! first one to ask this! since the theme this month is music, i thought id ask around and see how many lolitas play musical instruments. i myself play the clarinet, and march in the Pickerington High School Central's marching tigers!! watch for us in the Macy's thanksgiving day parade this month! (sorry for advertising my band, just couldn't help it =D)
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Black Alice's 2nd Annual Halloween Tea Party

Black Alice organised its second annual Halloween Tea Party last Saturday. The cafe was rather cramped (I think they weren't expecting 29 lolitas to turn up) but everyone was accommodating and There were Candy! There were Plastic Pumpkins! There were Pirates! There were Games! There were Meatballs and Mash!

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