November 1st, 2009

egl fashion tendencies

Hello EGL!
Last night we were discussing some fashion aspects and there is one question that is not solved. It's about EGL fashion tendencies.
I mean,
every (casual) fashion is seasonable - you can see, that what was popular in outfit in 90s is not popular now, what was popular in 80s was not popular in 90s, wasn't it?
what about lolita fashion in this section? Can you tell, what was popular in lolita fashion in 70s/80s/90s and then was not popular in 80s/90s an so on?
aiba and matsujun

Double decker trouble

Hey egl, I've got something I need to clarify about DD.

About a month ago, a friend and i ordered stuff from them and they responded. So we paid, and they told us the shipping would roughly take a month. We ordered around the 14th of sept I think? But apparently the shoes aren't here yet. We've tried emailing them but had no response. Has anyone of you faced this problem before or are the shoes just out of stock? I know they emailed some of you back to tell you that they were out of stock but we haven't received any reply at all.

Please help, and thank you!

Help & Advice Needed: Zippers


I bought my first BTSSB dress from a sweet lolita off of here this weekend, and could not wait to try it on. I have been blessed with a bigger chest and a little bit of a tummy on me, and I have not had trouble getting into this dress or other dresses before, but I have a hard time zipping it all the way up. I'm very frustrated and confused as I don't think I have a weight issue, but I'm honestly stuck here. >_< **

As somebody who does seem to be on the plus size of lolita, is there any suggestions or feedback for me to try or do? I honestly hate
struggling having this problem cause I want to be able to wear as much lolita dresses as I can, even off brand which is by far the easiest fit I've had, but off brand aside I want to wear some brand as well.

What can be done about zippers?

Thanks so much! ^_^
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Fashion. Put it all on me, don't you want to see these clothes on me?

Discussion posts oh boy!

Bodyline seems to be making a very nested home here in egl. With lots of reviews and picture posts we get to learn of Bodyline's quality and improvements and we also get to learn of their not-so-grand products either.

It seems as though a lot of people have a problem with Bodyline specifically. The question is, is it because it's not a major lolita brand? Is it because the quality is shoddy? Is it because the designs are bad? Or is it because you personally want to be covered in brand labels?

I have heard some horror stories about some of the major brands print dresses. Colors running on prints, bad construction, etc. Knowing these things we as lolitas still often revere brands is being the top dogs in this fashion. For the cost of a dress, we expect more than runny non-colorfast prints, but that is usually what you end up getting. Does that make the 'brand-buyer' better than the girl who doesnt spend an arm and a leg for a printed dress?

Some people say it's the quality. Bodyline's dresses are made of thinner material (usually), often not lined, a bit cheaper lace on certain pieces. But, bodyline also doesn't overcharge for these things. Their prices are fair for their products, you get what you pay for. To me it seems like a very fair deal, but to some girls the pricing of their clothing has doomed bodyline to be seen forever as a "cheap" knock-off site.

What this all boils down to is, what makes brand better than bodyline? Is it really the quality or is it just that embroidered label?

The name "Lolita"

Now, I know you're all thinking "Oh no, not another one of these dreaded posts where a new loli, or maybe an older one, asks why we have to share a name with that book." Well, this is not one of those posts. I've seen plenty of those posts, and all of the common answers, most of which deny any connection to the book and the name, but I've also seen one, fairly recently, that suggests that the name is after the young heroine, Dolly "Lolita" Haze, herself. But I've never seen anyone point this out before.

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EDIT: Never mind. Seriously, never mind. I was actually already aware that fashion in the 50's looked somewhat like this anyway, I was more or less trying to make a point. And not to mention, some of you seem to think I was sure it was Mana that names Lolita. I said "I believe".... I honestly had no clue, nor do I really want to know who named it.

Also, that was a typo. I'm 14, not 4. My keyboard sticks sometimes.

So please stop with the comments. I got it: You already all know and (more-or-less) don't care.

Romantic Train Question

I've been oogling Meta's Romantic Train Ribbon Pinafore Dress. The torso is longer than the others and it laces up the back. The measurements are listed as bust 86cm (33.8in) waist 68cm (26.7in). It says there is shirring under the laces at the back. I've heard Meta's dresses tend to have a bit of stretch/give when it comes to shirring. Has anyone got this dress to know rough max measurements? Or has seen the dress in person? I've never tried anything by Metamorphose before.

LINK to dress in question.

Much appreciated :)

what did you do for halloween?

so, what did everyone do for Halloween? lolita or non-lolita related is fine, feel free to post pics or whatever!

myself, i did wear a pretty basic lolita outfit, but my petti was very dead and my skirt was huge so it looked odd lol. anyway i just carved pumpkins and hung out with a couple of my friends, playing Dead Space and watching most haunted live which made me want to smash the TV it's so bad. oh and for my pumpkin i carved the faces of the opposing team lol. it was quite intricate. nothing too exciting but well, it was fun.


Suggestions for Shoes - Ouji/Dandy Style?

Hello! Please pardon the naivety of this question; it's probably a simple one to veterans of the style/community.

Recently I've been doing research into the different styles and have decided the boystyle (more so the dandy, not kodona) will probably be my favorite. I've researched as much as google will allow me to, but from what I've gathered, the boystyles aren't as popular yet as the lolita styles (at least in the west, or on English sites), so I've been having trouble finding info about that one little (but rather important as you know) thing.

Yeah, the shoes. Heheh, it seems silly, but I can't figure out just what the perfect shoes are for the more mature boystyles. Boots seem like too much (and I would probably end up wearing them under slacks anyway), the standard high-heeled-with-straps mary janes seem too feminine/baby doll ish, and...well, I'm lost. Most of the scans I've looked up aren't clear enough for me to see what I'm looking for as well.

So after that long winded background, basically what I am asking is, does anyone have any knowledge on this subject that they could share? I'm just looking for the right style of shoes to invest in. Any vague or specific suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thank you very much!

How do you get your crisp clean look?

 I'm a big fan of starch. I like the fact that i can iron my clothes and they won't move or wrinkle for the whole day.However,  I usually reserve starch for my cosplay *gasp*.

I recently bought some starch and was hoping to use it on my blouses, and my bodyline jsk ( the room print one) to see if it would make a difference in appearance, but i wanted to know if anyone else has tried starch. Or, what are your methods to getting that clean crisp look?

Houston, Texas - Oni-con 2009 Photo Post!

This weekend, on Halloween, I went to Oni-con. I actually had a really good time! I met up with Sarah (grimy13 ) for the majority of the day, and wandered around. We hit the dealers' rooms (one of which had a sign over a rack of Bodyline that read "BODYLINE BRAND FROM JAPAN! Genuine lolita clothing, NOT KNOCK-OFF LOLITA CLOTHES!" or something to that effect; I laughed my ass off, Sarah took a photo. The other had a booth that was either selling, or run by, Lolita Kisama. It hurt my eyes. A lot; some girls were actually buying that overpriced stuff, too. I wanted so badly to warn them, but it seemed unfair to ruin their fun). We saw a lot of lolitas at the convention, including a few very sweet girls in the dealers' room.

To the lovely gothic lolita who gave me candy and complimented my fangs, YOU ROCK! I wish I had gotten a photo/your name/username if you have one. If you're reading this, let me know! :D

We also ran into a lot of cosplayers. Enough of this silly chat, though! On to the photos!

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