October 31st, 2009

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Opinions needed on Bodyline Sets

Hello EGL!

I noticed that there was a Bodyline sale going on (free shipping, yay!) and was wondering about getting some opinions on a couple of sets I like. They're less traditional loltia outfits, however I would like to get opinions from a lolita or some-what lolita stand point. I have linked cosmates in addition to bodyline because it had a alternative image for G811-M. I'd like to know if either qualify (or certain parts used in a different fashion) for lolita or not.

I'm slightly concerned about the skirt and sleeves length, so I'll be trying to remeasure myself and look into it. Any more commentary about bodyline sizing inaccuracies on what's listed and what's true would be good to know.


1) G811-M - "Cat Ear Hood Jumper Skirt With Shawl Purple Black"

2) G1026-M - "Melody Cat Outfit Black, White Check"

Thanks. :D

Questions on laundering

Hello everyone. This is my first post here!

I've just purchased the pink L’Oiseau Bleu Madeleine jumper skirt and I'm wondering if the print was colour-safe, because I'd like to wash it by hand if I can. Alternatively, I'm wondering if the Snow Dot JSK is not made of a material too delicate for dry-cleaning, because the machines they use are scary, but I'd like to keep my options open too. (in case, God forbid, it gets stained or something.)

Pictures of the dresses:

Collapse )
Thank you!
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An eternal question which...as far as I remember, has not been asked as yet! Forgive me if it is lurking in the memories... :)

I note that there are many new sellers in EGL, who have no or +1 to +5 feedback, and sometimes it makes me nervous to consider making an offer, even if it is the very fabulous sugary carnival op that I want, for example (actually, real scenario). These sellers sometimes have blogs with very recent opening dates, eg. 2008-2009.

I have been scammed once before, so I always try to be careful and avoid buying from such descriptions of sellers as I know paypal is not always trustworthy (it is possible they can close their linking acct, for example). The long standing sellers always tend to be my first choice in my desired items.

But sometimes when special items pop up (like that sugary carnival op I have been searching for forever in sax or lavender)...I wonder whether I should take a risk...opinions anyone? Is there a way to make sure the transaction goes safer? I considered asking for name and address, but is that a bit too much (and imo. can't that be fake too haha?)

Would love to hear your advice and thoughts.

ps: No prejudice to new lolis intended, after all, I once had no feedback at all too!! XD
pps: She has no other ebay feedback I think, and even if she does, ebay is not a guarantee right? I would also love an approach I can keep to in future