October 29th, 2009

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Bodyline question:

I checked the memories and used the search function, however, I admit my google-fu is weak.

Has anyone here ever ordered Bodyline colored contact lenses, or can you point me to a review of their lenses? I've been thinking about getting a pair but I'm a little nervous about their quality.

EDIT: Found already!!

Can this MM dress get in water? Quick dumb question..........

 Recently I bought this lovely MM dress however I read a lot on here bout peoples dresses getting messed up with rain or in the wash. Now I'm afraid to wash this dress, and I refuse to dry clean because its gross imo and leaves a weird smell.

Also its been seriously rainy here lately and I wonder if I got caught in a downpour would the color in the dress run?

Anybody familiar with MM colorfastness let me know!!

thanksss you :)

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Lolitafied Bedrooms

I am hoping to spruce up my room soon.

And i was wondering if there are any pictures out there of some fully done lolita bedrooms? and if theres any tips anyone has on sprucing up a bedroom :3

Hope you are all well :)
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~Craft Theme Post~

From the moment I saw Angelic Pretty's "Tricky Night" line of halloween jewelry, I loved it. Sadly, not only was it WAAAAYY out of my price range, the moment I saw it was more then a few moments too late. "SOLD OUT"  nooooooooooooo TT_____TT

That's when I got crafty. I was casually browsing randomness on google and came across this tutorial for shrink plastic rings. [Brain gears turn] Heey, I bet I could apply that technique to bangles. A little bit of trial and error later I came up with this--

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BTSSB Store in Paris, France

So here's the big deal: My French class, including me and hopefully another girl I plan to turn Lolita, are going to France in the Summer of 2010. I know that there is Baby store there and would like to buy from it.

Does anyone have any experience with Paris Baby? Will they stock plus-sized friendly items? This will be incredibly useful when buying my first item!
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I was wondering if anyone had heard of or had any experience with the brand Artherapie? I have seen their runway show and adore the design heir purses and wallets but for the life of me, I can't find a website or any other information about them. I assume from the pictures I do have that the quality is impeccable but I'd love to hear from anyone with first-hand experience. Does anyone have a website or reveiws or any opinions of this brand that I have been carrying on a mini-love affair with? Is it worth spending $300 on a purse?
for anyone not knowledgeable of the brand here is the brand on Maruione
Thank you,

Chocola de BonBon
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