October 27th, 2009

Pay Pal issues Anyone?

I just had a quick question for some Lolitas out there, if this is against topic content then fine just delete it.

Have any of you ever had an issue with pay pal? For anything at all? I'm just not so sure how "safe" it really is. :/
Has anyone ever had strange holds on their account?
Money taken out for an odd reason?
Ever had doubts about it?
A friend get ripped off?

I just want to know if it's worth keeping my account or not. Of course this will then make it hard for me to place orders, but there is always a way.

Thanks Ladies, I guess I just need some reassuring on the matter.

Edit for a word of thanks:
 Thank you ladies I appreciate all of your stories. I am still debating and would love to hear more responses from you. I just wanted to say a quick thank you though to all those who have commented. This can hopefully answer other peoples questions who have never gotten around to asking about it. :] Maybe we can help those other people decide too about pay pal and whether it is safe to use or just as dangerous as the "horror stories" we hear say it is.
Thank you all. <3
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Request: Bodyline review (G1207-M)

i am interested in to taking advantage of the free shipping to the US since i have a friend visiting me soon. i like this blouse but i have questions. 1) is it a cutsew or blouse since i see both in the blouse section? 2) what quality is the back lacing? i mean is it usable or just for show? 3) and lastly the measurements provided are too big on me. are these minimum or maximum?

pictures or reviews or anything or would be nice. thank you!

blouse g1207-M: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=2797&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_4&noSubType=N

Oh no, wrong dress!

I was so excited to receive my Lovely Sweet Room dress today, but when I opened it, it was the wrong one. Right colour, wrong dress. I've emailed them...

I'm just wondering if anyone has had this experience and how it was handled :) Did Baby exchange the item? Did you have to pay shipping back to Japan and then for the new one to come to the US (which is expensive)?

Thank you for your help.

In case anyone is curious the JSK is very beautiful and the colour is gorgeous even prettier in person, but I really want the other one more :(
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[Thank you for all the help, closed]Newbie needs help with hair and glasses...

Thank you for all the help! If you would still like to say something, I'll still appreciate it, but I have received the advice I needed! Again, thanks!

Well, I've been lurking around the egl community for a long time now, so I finally decided to join lj and ask a question that's been bothering me for a while.
I haven't started wearing lolita yet, because before I start dressing in pretty clothes, I need to know I'll be able to look proper in them as well. My problem is, my hair is incredibly frizzy and I need advice on how to wear it.

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deviantART photography feature #2

A year back, I posted a News feature about Lolita Fashion on deviantART. The reception was quite good, so I'd like to do another, preferably very soon :)
I watch many Lolitas on dA, but I'm sure I'd miss a lot of lovely stuff if I chose now. This is why I'm posting: Please share your related photography, doesn't matter if it features yourself, a friend or model, or just a still life.
I'll probably post around Friday or Monday.
Please send a PM to my deviantART account or post in the comments to this post (you might want to use the embed function so everyone gets a preview)!

Thanks in advance :D

Double Decker Turnover time as of Oct 2009

I've been wanting to order stuff from Double Decker again (bought boots off them 2 years before with no trouble, they're still fantastic), but now am looking to buy from their wood sole line. I'm not looking to buy the ballerina-style ones, as I know very well they're in stupidly high demand and tend to get messed up in terms of production time.

So, does anyone know the turnover time now, mid-late 2009 for the other, not as popular RHS styles? I'm looking at their fringed shoe and both high-top boot versions (ribbon laced and solid). Last post somewhere around April 2009, I think, there was mention that there's roughly a 1 month turnover, but the commenter I don't think mentioned the style of shoe they actually bought.

Any personal experiences/advice appreciated! Thanks!

Escargot Skin

Hi...hope this conforms to the community rules...
(if not feel free to delete it! I'm not sure if it constitutes a buy/sell)

Does anyone remember the gothic & lolita magazine "Escargot Skin"?
It came out some time in 2004-2005.
It was never really popular and the owner stopped publishing after a couple of volumes, the second of which no longer seems to be available.

It turns out I have a full page photo in it(>_<)
Which may have been why it didn't sell...
Regardless though, has anyone ever seen it anywhere, or does anyone known someone who owns it?

I'm desperate for a scan!
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A Question About Dress Alterations

I tried searching for this, so forgive me if someone has already asked this question...I tried to find it.

I'm very tiny and I was wondering if anyone could tell me approximately how much I could expect to pay to have an OP taken in.  Most brands are about four or five inches too big in the bust and waist.
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