October 26th, 2009


How to support newbies?

We had a small pre-halloween meetup in Budapest last weekend, and we've been talking with the girls about a serious problem. Our lolita circle, let's say so, started out this february, and because of frequent meetings we finally developed into a community. But even if we feel like being open to anyone who wants to join us, I think we are scaring away newbies because the rest of us seems so close to each other.

This weekend two new girls came, but even if we tried to behave natural, I think there is a high chance that they are not coming next time. They seemed to be bored, maybe because they were not safe about what to say or what not, and we didn't want to become "pushy", because we had problems about this before. (Some girls, especially the younger ones didn't like that they got too much attention, and became very shy when they had to introduce themselves in front of everyone.) So this time we just let these girls to "fit in", but I guess that wasn't succesful at all - even if we knew them from online communities, so we were not completely strangers to each other.

My question is: how do you prevent lolita meetings become a group of snobs sipping their tea and saying "ah, a newcomer again", how do you encourage new people to come and join, and not to make them feel left out?
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Theme Post

I joined this community last month and just hung back a bit since I had nothing to post.  Now I have something to post since I made some accessories for an outfit I purchased.  I'm not a crafty, crafty person by any means and these projects are my first. 

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Stock Photos

I don't know if all of the recent stock photo requests have been bothering anyone else, but I think it's getting kind of irritating having to sift though all of the stock photo requests just to look at posts that I actually care about. So I think there should be ONE THREAD for stock photo requests, or just a place for people to post stock photos they have. Or maybe a community just for stock photos? Then if there's one thread it can be added to the memories and it won't be so repetitive from day to day. We already have the print chronology threads in the memories, so maybe we should have threads for these same prints, but for the different colors and styles? Just some suggestions to make it easier to find stock photos, post them, and not bother the people who don't save stock photos or don't have questions.

bodyline trouble

hey EGL,
so I just orderd for the first time on bodyline and when I was on the last step of ordering (I was confirming my order) and my interntet froze so I had to refresh. but my order went in and I thought all was well. however I checked on my paypal and I was charged twice for the same set of items. so what should I do?

I just emailed paypal@bodyline.co.jp

"hello my name is *************
my paypal account is: **************
I just ordered:
one pink jumper skirt: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?type=gothic&subType=jskirt
one pair of socks: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?type=gothic&subType=jskirt
one white blouse: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?type=gothic&subType=jskirt and
one black blouse: 
one katyusha: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?type=gothic&subType=jskirt
one red bag: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?type=gothic&subType=jskirt
with a total amount of  $130.00 USD

however I was charged twice for the same items on my paypal now to a total of 260 USD
I only want one of each item, I only want to pay for a single set of items for a total of 130 USD

should I file a dispute on one set of items or can you cancel the payment of one set of items?
the two sets are identical, I do not care which one is being cancel"

So is this all I should do? should I file a dispute? and are they going to charge me any fees for canceling an order? can I cancel my self or do they have to do it?
thanks again EGL

EDIT: they refunded one of the sets of items, so every thing is alright :)
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another Milanoo review?

Since their seem to be so many reviews of Milanoo I was wondering if anyone was interested in reviews of these two skirts. If their is interest I wouldn't mind making an in depth critical review but I just want to be sure if people are actually interested. :) If people are I'll delete this.
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I'll try to write one up for you all tomorow :)