October 25th, 2009

For those who like pretty pictures

I know there are some people on here that are on Tumblr, and for those those who are not, I have started a tumblr for gothic lolitas. Tumblr is a blog of sorts for posting pictures, music, thoughts etc, for those not in the know. I've had this idea for a while and finally (in a bout of insomina) started it up. I wanted to have a source of inspiration for gothic lolitas where they can look and receive all aspects of the beauty of our dark fashion.  I will be posting anything that I find pertaining to gothic themes in lolita, like clothing, art, music, news, decor, links to other sites....
If you have a tumblr especially a tumblr dedicated towards lolita please post!
And if anyone has any beautiful gothic things you'd like me to post please send them to me!
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I fail at hair, teach me to make it straight.

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Edit: Okay, as a result of the combined wisdom of the lolis and the salesperson at Sally's Beauty Supply, I now own a small "travel size" hair flat iron. It's "GVP" brand which apparently knocks off CHI. Ceramic plates, negative ions, adjustable heat, seems to work pretty darn well, and cost me $25. All the blow dryers there were kinda expensive so I'll probably just get an inexpensive one at Walmart for when I want to straighten but don't have time to air dry. I bought a thermal protectant spray. It makes my hair really flat and sleek, so much so that I might not want to use it all the time. :O
Hair Smart Friend said the straightener was working really well on my hair, so hopefully this morning I will make my newly cut and highlighted bob look all cute and straight! Probably pictures later. :) Thanks everyone!
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Pelvic Region

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I am wondering if anyone had ever bought anything from this ebay store:

I am considering purchasing items, however I am naturally concerned with the integrity of the company and accuracy of product to photograph. It seems that they take images from brand name lolita clothing magazines (such as black bible etc.) and reproduce them to fit consumer needs. I know another ebay store called yinyincs is absolutely false in it's claims, so I would like to know if this one is too. (No need to shell out money for something that is unwearable and cheap.)
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Art and Craft posty post! Also: help meeee

Some things I have made in the last leetle while.
Also, I need your smart and creative brains to help me out. I am an artist in an upcoming awesome art show called a Steampunk Symposium. It is taking place at The FALL Tattooing on November 6 in Vancouver, BC and it is going to be AMAZING. :D (please come check it out) Anyway, I'm going to have a lot of pieces in the show and since most of my artwork has lolita as a main theme I wanted to invite all Vancouver lolitas to come out to the show and have a grand time. But I want to do something interesting and have them be a part of the art show/ my art somehow. Just them being there opening night would be a super cool but I want to add something else. I was thinking of just baking about a zillion cupcakes so there could be a bunch of lovely lolis walking around munching on some sweet cuppin' cakes, sitting around and just generally being awesome. Please give me some ideas because I know you are full of them.

My text and cut and everything suck so ignore my fail.

Also enjoy these things I've made! I am not taking any commissions until probably December. I have a bit of a waitlist going and I am VERY busy with school, work, and this show. Sorryyy :c

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Lolita_Diviners' EGL Halloween Divination

Hi hi, it's nearing Halloween/Samhain so I decided it would be a totally cool thing for EGL to have some divination* done around this time of year. I asked if some of the diviners there would like to volunteer and do some readings. We have five readers willing to do tarot, scrying, runes and more! Click on the pic for more info, it will take you to the lolita_diviners comm. post. The whole shindig is from Oct 25 - Oct31! Have fun!

* Divination is the offical name of what's considered "fortune telling". It's tarot, runes, palmistry, dreams, etc etc etc.

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Enough/Too much Poof?

Hello sorry to be a bother but I'm making a petticoat for myself and I wanted to know if it had the perfect poof. I'm not done yet because I still need to cut off the excess on the bottom :D.     

Ignore the extra tulle on the bottom of the skirt.

How 'bout this? It doesn't look like it has more poof but it does :D

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