October 23rd, 2009


Brisbane Chocolate High Tea meet @ the Stamford Plaza

Brisbane held its first high tea meet on Sunday 18 Oct at the Stamford Plaza hotel by the Brisbane River.

It was awesome to see familiar and old faces alike! There was a serious chocolate overload - I think I don't wanna see another chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate cake or chocolate tart for the rest of the year.

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Rest of the photos from the high tea meet are available on (image intense!):
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Re: My advice for gloves post earlier

This post is for all who were considerate enough to reply to my question - since there were so many I figured this would be the easiest way to reach all of you. ^_^

First and foremost - THANK YOU! Thank you very much for your brilliant suggestions and ideas! There are so many plans running through my head now - I don't know where to start, and I love it. ^_^

I'd expected to sign on this morning with maybe one or two replies - instead I got an avalance of support and brilliance. It seriously almost made me cry. <3

Also - some of you were curious about my gloves. They are made by a company called IMAK, my dad bought them for me from the medical supply company he works for but you can get them from the website, too. Sadly - they only come in grey :(

As per a suggestion - I tried gloves over them - but then I couldn't move my fingers. Someone with a better range of motion may have better luck with that scenario though. It's a good idea.

Anyway - again - thank you so much!
I'll be sure to share pics of whatever I come up with when they get finished.
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since the theme for this month is crafts i have a question to ask.
I make hats and the like and I have become a bit torn. Currently, I am making some music notes and I do not know if they should be glittery or just solid color with a gloss over it...what do you guys think?

okay sorry, so here are some photos of what I was talking about:

this is a close up of the glittery one


and this is the two of them side by side the glittery on is on the left

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Theme post: sometimes I make things.

Ok, so I already posted one little picture of this a while ago for a coordinate question, but with the theme of this month being crafts, and with with all the compliments that recieved, I think it's in order for me to show a detailed, progress documentation of my (currently) only Lolita dress.  Enjoy.

This was heavily inspired by children's clothing of the ealry 1870s, and also by a costume buddy who did a (historically accurate) 1870s girl's dress that was just too damn cute.  Here's a breakdown of how it goes from the inside out.

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Beautiful Wolf
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Do anyone here know how I can get in contact with [info]lucy_tan , I sold a jacket to her in september, and after I sent it out she never contacted me. So I assumed it was all okay. But now I see I've got a disspute from her at my paypal. And pp have given her the money back. And she hasn't told me anything about this. I'm quite upset at the moment, as I have never got any disspute and I really don't now how to proceed. I don't have any kind of "proof" that I sent the jacket as it didn't have any trackingnumber, but I told her that from the beginning and she was okay with that.

I can't contact her as she has blocked her messaged and she hasn't provided me with any email.

And the strange thing is that according to pp they have sent me an email about this,but I haven't revieved anything. If I would have know this sooner I would ofcourse take action sooner.

Do you have any advice?

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Hi guys,

I happened to be scrolling through Fairy Angel when I found an Alice and the Pirates year planner. Unfortunately, it's for 2009 - but that got me wondering, how are you able to obtain these brand year planning notebooks? I have never seen one of those up in the webshops, myself. I really want one for 2010 and want to know how to get one so I don't buy another one here out of the blue. <:

Thank you!

Skirt Embellishment, Part 2

Hahah I totally forgot to post about this. Alright, anyway.

So, remember the skirt from this post? It was a plain old black knee-length skirt from Target that needed zazzing up. I got lots of great suggestions from the community as to what to do with it, got to work, and here's what happened....

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What do you think? I decided it was okay to put embroidered appliques on it since, once I put a petticoat under it, the pleats were sort of negated. XD And so... yeah. There ya go.