October 22nd, 2009

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Lolita Secret Santa!

lolita secret santa

I was thinking this might be a pretty neat idea. Basically, if you sign up, you will be paired with someone to send a gift to. Not a JSK or anything, but a small, lolita/loliable accessory. It could be a headbow, a necklace, wristcuffs... anything cute. To give you guys ample amount of time to get the gift, I'm posting this now, but all gifts must be sent out by December 1st to get to their destinations by the holidays.

1. To participate, please fill out the form below and PM me your address.
2. You may only participate if you have positive feedback on the Loligoth DBS, Etsy, Ebay, or et cetera. You need to be able to show that you are reliable and will send out your gift.
3. All gifts must be between $20-30 USD, so they are all within the same price range.
4. All gifts must be send out by December 1st. You can send yours earlier if you prefer, but try for around the holidays.
5. Handmade things are allowed and encouraged, so long as it would be in the same price range specified.
6. Please include a short handwritten note in with your gift! ^^;.
7. You can get multiple small gifts as long as they total to within the price range!
8. Once you've been approved to participate (aka you have good feedback and appear to be reliable), PM me your address.
9. I will close this post November 10th. If you want to participate, please comment before then. After that, I will PM you all and notify you who you will be buying for and what their style is.

Happy gifting everyone! Mods, please tell me if this isn't allowed and I'll delete. I just thought it would be a good idea.

Comments will be screened for the ~suspense!
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A heads up.

Paypal has been sending out e-mails offering $20 cashback + free shipping on an order of $20 or more on select sites, and Milanoo is on the list! I know that a few people have been posting that they've had trouble with custom orders from them, but I suppose that if you stick to their regular sizes and the date that you need the item it's terribly close, you should be pretty safe.

PS - A few people have reported that the e-mail gone into their spam filter, so I would check there if you don't see it.
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kinda a theme post

sorry to make 2 in a row, but they are totally un-related so i didn't think i should make them one? anywho... i am working on my anna-sui inspired phone, and just wanted some feedback. There ain't enuff dark/gothic deco phones out there so here is mine so far... i need more stickers and stuff lol. I'd also like to see other more goth inspired deco items if you have any :)

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Milanoo Situation Update

For those of you who did not see my original post about the situation it can be found here

Today I went to check the status of my order on Milanoo and a noticed my order was no longer in the section "Orders in Progress" so I thought hey maybe they finished it like they said that they were going to do and clicked on the "Completed Orders" section only to be slightly disappointed to see that it was not in that section either. Last I had heard from Milanoo staff was that they had asked for a little bit more time to send my item out. I so I waited, with an open paypal claim for protection. Today I found my order in the "Invalid Order" section of their website and found a full refund in my paypal account. However, they did not contact me in anyway -- last I had heard from the staff I was giving them a few more days to finish my item, but there you have the nature of type of customer service Milanoo seems to provide.

I am glad I got the refund but I would have much rather gotten the item I paid for within any of their three promised time frames. For me, truly the biggest problem with Milanoo is their communication to their customer. I had to seek out information from them and the information I received always conflicted with what I had been told previously even to the end of my experience with Milanoo.


Some advice, if you please?

Hello... *shy wave to EGL Comm*

First real post/question on here...

I was hoping for a bit of advice from the Comm as a whole.

You see, I have cerebral palsy, which has caused a few unique challenges for my loli wardrobe. The leg tape is easy to cover, and the cane (rarely used, thankfully) I can deal with, but my support gloves are causing a bit of frustration.

Is there any way possible to loli-fy these garish necessities to work with my Gothic/Kuro wardrobe and not seem too mismatched or shoddy?

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you. <3
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Lolita spotting!

I spotted a lolita here in Freddy-town on Monday! She was wearing what looked like a Miracle Candy repilca in black, some striped black/white knee high socks and some big, warm looking boots. She was walking towards me and my friends with her bf and a baby stroller when I first saw her, and then I saw her again in the pet shop.

I was wondering if you're a member here! It might be a bit of a long shot, but I might as well take a chance!

lolitas with body mods

Good day, ladies~

I've been an on/off lolita for quite a few years now, but lately something has been brought to my attention.

I am not only a fan of lolita fashion, but I'm also into Japanese punk and Visual Kei, which have been my "reason for being" (a little exaggerated) since middle school;
which brings me to my thought:

I've seen quite a few VK musicians dress in lolita, but most of the time, despite that they look adorable, there is something about them that screams "something is wrong here but I don't know what it is."
A friend of mine suggested that it's probably their flamboyant hair colors or body mods, both of which I have. She also suggested that it might be because they are guys, but what about Mana in his loli prime?

Anyway, recently, I've been very much into Lolita fashion again. I have preordered a dress from Meta's "sweets time" series, but just about a week before that, the day after my birthday, I got my lip pierced (snakebites).
What has really gotten on my mind lately is "will my piercings make me look wrong? Will I look wrong if I get into cutesy dress with candy on it, but with a loop and a spike through my lip?"
Not only that, but at the moment, my hair is three different colors: blonde, pink, and brown.

All of this brings me to the following:

- Can a lolita look cute with unusual piercings (other than earlobes) and/or tattoos?
- Can a lolita look cute with flamboyant hair?
- Are body mods on lolitas common? If so, do any members of egl have body mods?
[feel free to post pics]

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A Silly Offbrand Post

I used to think that things like rocking-horses were great, but you'd only ever see them in strictly Lolita coords. Because, well, they're rocking-horses. Adorable, but not sexy or sophisticated or modern or... anything that sells.

Then I saw this!: http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=acc%5Fnecklace&product%5Fid=1069859960&Page=all

I flipped out. 8D No, it's not anywhere near a Sugary Carnival invasion and it's not even that sweet, but still! Look at it! Utterly non-loli people are going to be buying rocking-horse charms, and that's beautiful. (And kinda funny, to me.)

So, my question to you: What's the most shockingly Loli thing you've found in an off-brand store?

(And are rocking-horses a totally common thing that I've somehow missed all these years? Because, if so: awesome.)