October 21st, 2009

Quick Bodyline Question

Does Bodyline usually ship their shoes with a shoe box?

I'm just wondering because I received a pair of shoes today that were only wrapped together with one sheet of "tissue" paper and put into a a  DHL bag with no protection. If that is what they always do then that is fine i guess, but if it isn't I'm just having bad luck with buying online.

[EDIT] It sounds like other people who have recently ordered have received their shoes in the same way. I guess it is because of the sale going on right now. But it isgood to know it isn't just a bunch of bad luck following me around.

When you leave lolita..............

Do you come back?

How many of you have left lolita and then come back?

What are your reasons for leaving and coming back?
Or for those who have 'left' did you just leave a part of lolita *like sweet or classic*

If any of you have left, did you miss it? Did you sell all your stuff or keep it for someone else, or maybe give it away?

Just curious, because I left sweet than came back to try classic. But I'm not really feeling the love as much any more for lolita now like I used to. I miss being able to buy 20 dresses for $100. lol. But something keeps pulling me back to lolita and I think its the uniqueness about it. I'm not sure.

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Bodyline review :D

Hello people. I know that there are tons of bodyline reviews but I had not done one so I decided to.

Overall, everything was great. I used the free shipping oppertunity and let me tell you the shipping was super fast. 

Packaging: 5/5
Really nice. It was neatly folded and put into plastic bags that said bodyline on them.

Shipping: 6/5
Yep 6/5 because it took ONE day to get delivered with free shipping, what else can you ask for? :)

Dress: 4 1/2 /5
The fabric was a bit thin but I'm going to wear a shirt under so you can't really tell. It came with a matching hairbow but I need to fix it because it falls off my head.

The dress fits nicely but is 1-2 inches too long on me because I'm short. I also ordered socks just because, they are nice too.

me in the dress :)

the hair bow ^^

http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?type=gothic&subType=jskirt the dress online
And wow they raised the price on it by 2 dollars lol ( was 35 now it's 37 xD)

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Picture Request: Amo!

I'm looking for any and all pics of Amo! *3* She is so adorable and first time I saw her she won my heart in an instant~! Clearly my favourite lolita model out of all the others~ So post away! Thank you :3
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Lolita Appropriate Shoes

As a person just getting into lolita (I've liked it for years but never really wore the clothing until now), I have maybe 2 pairs of lolita specific shoes, and the rest are platform boots, flat boots, chucks, and platform heels. And while I would like to wear different styled shoes with lolita, I'm quite weary on how far I could go before I look stupid.

So, my question is, how far do you think somebody could go shoe-wise until it just looks horrible with lolita clothing?

Dyeing a dress?

Hello EGL! I searched the memories, but no luck. I'm wondering about dyeing a dress, more specifically, this dress as it's not available in dark green. Any suggestions?

*EDIT* I saw they had certain colors, but I didn't know you could ask for OTHER colors. I've yet to place an order myself there ^^; Thank you for your assistance though!
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Mbok Shopping Service Recommendation?

I've used a lot of shopping services over the years, but recently I've become very disappointed with service for Mbok.  In the past I never had a problem, but of late, Mai has been unresponsive, and because of numerous problems I've encountered, I've been very dissatisfied with the service Celga provides.  Can anyone recommend to me a shopping service that does Mbok, doesn't charge a ridiculous amount, and maybe even give a general idea of how responsive they are (as in, you have to notify them days before auction end, or have you won with hours left) ?

Helllloooo lolitas :)

Hi. I am just wondering if someone could give me a few pictures of knee highs or OTK socks being worn over tights and looking really good. I tried the memories and used the search engine but found no pics. I am trying to decide if it would be nice looking to wear this combo for winter. Thanks!
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Bodyline sizing

I was interested in ordering a skirt from Bodyline, but I wanted some reviews on sizing.
My waist is 89cm/35 inches. Has anyone been able to fit the jsks at that size?
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Minkyshop Boot Review

 So last month I ordered these gorgeous boots from Minkyshop in size M. I didn't get exactly what I expected but that was partially my misunderstanding, but overall my experience with Minkyshop was great.
 Communication was fast and very helpful. I had them shipped to my parents' house so I could get them when I went home for Thanksgiving, as I can't receive most packages to my address and it was pretty speedy. I was pretty excited about them because I never buy expensive new things (well, they came ot about $130 CDN with shipping) and I needed winter-type boots that had a round toe, platform heel, knee-high and with a zipper that were mostly black so I could wear my vintage leather spats over them. I now regret not waiting and buying some of the new boots coming out now... arghh!
 Here is the page on eBay:

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