October 20th, 2009

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Recent commission completion!

Sadly this took WAY longer than i intended... the list of personal life excuses here is long and this dress is about a month over due, but it came out beautifully... i do hope my buyer won't kill me ;_; i'm sure she is way out of patients with me and rightly so. Anywho i wanted to share how pretty it came out! so here are some pics! yay!

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Colorful Paris Windows

Haloween Photo Shoot

So I did a shoot with a fellow Photography Major of mine at my college. She had this really cute idea for a Gothic Lolita pin-up like series. I'd just love to share it with all of you. It's pretty picture heavy.

My photographer's name was Yulia Mikhalchuk, her company is called ShutterBloom.
(I'm sorry the photos are so small, I didn't know photobucket would do that. Daaaam you photobucket. -_-)

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...WHAT is this??

Answered! Thank you very much~

I'm sorry if this have been asked before, but I tried to search the memories and I didn't find anything, and I wasn't quite sure what to search for since I have no idea what it is.

I got a freebie with a dress I ordered from Baby:

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pics, please!

I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any matching items for the BTSSB regimental series? I'm looking for socks, bows, etc. Bonus points for coordinates using such items together.
Thanks all!! ;3
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A short piece of writing~

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To clear this up-
I don't dislike brolitas.
The narrator doesn't dislike brolitas.
her boyfriend is one, and he in particular doesn't have a feminine body, and she feels bad for him, because he wants to look like a girl and can't.
this is not intended as brolita hate- it is just about one boy

he wants to be elegant and beautiful and look just like a girl, in lolita, but his features mean he is unable to look feminine in it-
he just looks like a boy wearing lolita,
even though it's the only thing that he ever wanted :(

I actually think brolita's are awesome, and some wear it better than some girls do.
and i think that to have the confidence to wear lolita, as a boy, should be applauded.


Where can I find cute mittens/gloves?


I'm looking for some cute and warm mittens or gloves for the winter...
I tried searching via google...but ended up with grose trash T___T

Does anyone know where I can find really cute winter items?
Something in the style of Claire Belton's stuff on www.cute-plush.com

Thank you for your help!
~ st_jemmy
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Stay away from Milanoo.com

At the start of the month, October 2nd to be exact I decided to take the plunge and order from Milanoo.com. They had a replica of Angelic Pretty dress that I always wanted. The had a simple design with little to no lace so I thought it would be a safe enough bet from what I have seen of their work that has been posted here, plus it was on sale so I leaped at the chance and bought it. I ordered it was a custom size.

At first everything was fine. The order email stated that my item would ship around the 10th so I waited until the ship date had passed and I noticed that the item was still “in progress”. So I decided to give their online chat a try to see if I could find out any more information about my order. I understand that sometime there are problems or a project takes long than originally thought. I went into it with an open and understanding mind. I was told that my item was almost finished and would ship “ASAP”. I took that for granted that they truly meant that it would be shipped out soon and sat back and waited.

However, around the 15th I still had not heard or seen hide nor hair of any information about my order so I decided to try their online chat one more time. This time I was told that I would revive the package by the 25th which was the day that the event that I ordered the dress for in the first place was taking place. I was just hoping that it wouldn't get stuck in customs or something for any longer than usual and everything would have been fine, but of course that was not the case. At this point I also asked about refunds in case their was further delays and i wouldn't be able to get my item on time and was told that i would it would not be a problem.

Well, today which is the 20th I had noticed that my package still had not been shipped out which really had me worried so I set out at once to talk to someone on their online chat. This time I got a whole new tune. The worker was rude as can be while everyone else that I had talked to thus far had been pleasant enough to have dealt with. I let the worker know that I was worried about my package and asked if they could look up any information on the subject. After waiting about 20 minutes they finally got back to me telling me that my dress still has not been made and the new shipping date was the 30th. I offered them the information that I had been given so far before and about another 20 minutes later they told me that I there was nothing to be done and that I would not receive my item until next month.

Okay, I understand that there are delays but I had been told by at least two different people that I would receive my package in good time. Not in November over a month after I place the order.

So, after I was told that I would not be receiving my dress for the event that I ordered it for nor even for Halloween. I became incensed. I deiced that it would be best at this point to ask for a refund and have done with it. This is where I was told I could only receive a partial refund, 50% for an item I never revived or for that matter could have never been made.

This is where I had quite enough to do with this company. I told them both that I would be writing a review of how they treated me and would be posting it here knowing full well they look here to see how their company stands in the western lolita market and that unless they gave me a full refund I would be opening a paypal claim on them which I have already done.

The worst part about this whole thing is not being out of the money it is that they left me in the dark the whole time, I had to go to them for information all of the time. If I hadn't said thing and just twiddled my thumbs who knows when or if the package would ever even shown up.

[edit] they send me an email begging for a few days to get the item to be by when i need it (the 25th). I don't see how this is possible but they only have until the 30th to respond to the paypal claim so I guess I'll wait and see -- there isn't much more I can do in this situation. I will keep everyone updated.

[edit 2] Today I went to check the status of my order on Milanoo and a noticed my order was no longer in the section "orders in progress" so i thought hey maybe they finished it and clicked on the "Completed Orders" section only to be slightly disappointed to see that it was not in that section either. Last I had heard from Milanoo staff was that they had asked for a little bit more time to send my item out. I so I waited. Today I found my order in the "Invalid Order" section of their website and found a full refund in my paypal account.

I am glad I got the refund but I would have much rather gotten the item I paid for within any of their promised time frames. For me, truly the biggest problem with Milanoo is their communication to their customer. I had to seek out information from them and always the information I received conflicted with what I had been told previously even to the end of my experience with Milanoo.
white and black

I have alot of questions ive been keeping bottled up so lets hope I can get them all answered at onc

Ok so Im fairly new to EGL Ive mostly been on LI Lolita but I do know alot about lolita fashion now here are my questions

1. Does anyone know how I can join NYC Lolitas? Ive been trying to join for a while but there doesent seem to be a way to just join. I have an event Ive been planning id like to post there.

2. Do any name brand or off brand lolita shops have gift cards or gift certificates? Since ive been into this fashion for so long my realatives need to find away to be able to get this stuff for me for gifts for special occasions.

3. Is silky fabrics like satin and silk really that bad for making lolita dresses? My one friend has been bugging me about it and I dont think there is anything wrong with it. If so what fabrics would you suggest? And dont just say cotton cause there are so many variety's of it. Thats all people tell me and the most generic is very pretty it is very poor quality.

4. How does a new style of lolita get started? I know we kinda had this discussion before but with that new style of chinese influenced lolita dresses I think it would be cool to start a renacance or a medevil style lolita.

I kinda forgot the rest I thought there would be more questions but ill remember and the bring it up thanks ^_^

My handmade lolita

Most of my stuff are handmade since I don't have all the money to afford hardcore brands. TAT Sooo, here they are.

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Commissioned. :D

--- Most are the photos here are my handmade stuff for sale. I'll  try to post a collection of handmade stuff I kept for myself soon. :D
Comments are welcome. :D

just because we all need to take things less seriously sometimes.

some of you kids might remember a video from last year of two lolita kids dancing to my humps and there was alot of bloomer flashing going on.

well i wasn't a member of EGL then but one of those kids is me.

and since i am a sucker for embarrasment and it seemed to be so popular back then i though i would share with you the sequal.

since all lolitas love gwen steffani we have happily danced our hearts out for your entertainment.


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