October 19th, 2009


Black Alice Runway Show at Isetan Scotts

Elbowed my way to the front of the photographers and shoppers yesterday with sassystrawberry in tow for the Japan Fashion and Lifestyle Festival at the Isetan Scotts shopping mall. In conjunction with the fest, a fashion show exhibiting a few current Japanese fashions was to be held and Black Alice was also invited to showcase some of the egl brands they carry for the runway as well =)

Here's some of my photos from the event with a full video of the egl segment at the end. The models were provided by Isetan and outfits, coordination, styling was from Black Alice.

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cruxcomissa (cont'd)

Cruxcomissa has a new post regarding the state of his orders and has re-opened his journal:


I suggest everyone involved in any transcation with him to contact him immediately through gmail: bellebetenoire@gmail.com

At this point, I advise everyone to ask for a refund. The time period has been a year for those on the 2nd round of orders, and over a year for those in the 1st round. I personally find that ridiculous, but that is merely my opinion.

Also, I know kyoki_kun has tried her best in this post but it seems too messy to present as an actual court case. If possible, I would like everyone who has *ever* purchased from him to fill up this form and send it to me either via email, comment or PM. I'm going to consolidate all the information and file it under US. law on Internet Fraud (E-commerce)

http://www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/Internet_Fraud.shtml (govt body)
http://www.cybercrime.gov/reporting.htm (govt body)
https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ (FTC complaint form)

Basically you send a complaint form through the Federal Trade Comission website. I'm not sure about the exact specifics of US. law to international consumers, so after I consolidate the information I would like someone from US (preferably in the same vincity/state) to present the case.

At this point, I merely want my money back, and quite tired of waiting for something that will never appear. Even though I am filing the complaint under fraud, I will only pursue it if he refuses to refund the people within the time period of 1 month. I think one month is a fair time period, as he says that he is awaiting payment from his empolyer. Very well. That is understandable however if he does not pay at *least* 8-10 people on his refund list I will file the case. If you do not recieve a refund by the end of 1 month (November 20th) please let me know

The reason why I'm using internet fraud as a case is because many of his customers are international, and unless we file an internet fraud he can refund his US. customers and get away with it. Under internet fraud, he has to refund everyone under his all his internet transcations. While I would like to believe his is not deliberately out to scam anyone, I still think he should be held responsible for his actions and account for them in a fair manner.

*If you are familar with US. law and practice please let me know. Commonwealth law differs greatly from US law, and I don't want to make any mistakes in this case. Mostly I just need someone to check for accuracy regarding legal citations.

**If anyone has screencaps of his journal, previous posts, PMs or any evidence please email or PM to me as well.

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Geek Kon

Will anybody be attending Geek Kon this weekend in Madison,WI? I wonder if I will be the only lolita at this event.
Alternatively, if you are in Madison but not attending the con, will anyone like to meet up on possibly Thursday and show me around.

large bust

I don't know about anyone else but, buying a blouse or a dress or even a coat is a hassle. I mean, if you are not there in person to try them on, you spend days wondering if you ordered the right top. Recently i've been looking through the measurements of various loli businesses. I for one, am worried about how the clothes will fit on my actual body as opposed to someone else or a mannequin.  

My sister and i both have large bust sizes. Its come to be a good thing and a bad thing. Yeah sure when we wear casual clothing we can fill out the material, but everything else is a problem. One of my favorite ruffled loli tops, I can't wear by itself because i would be exposing to many goodies. On the other hand, i bought a different top from bodyline and I seem to be swimming in it. It seems like anyone with a larger cup size then the majority of the regular clientel will run into problems.

I need some help finding/ordering or something to find the best fit. ...Not to be bashing people with larger cup sizes but, it seems stupid that "they" do not have different fit for different body types. Not everyone is built the same way.


edit++++(sorry, i had to go to class)

my measurements are 34-26-34 1/2
my bust size is a 34D...this my biggest problem...the area across my bust fits but everything else doesn't i'm hourglass....i think

my sister is 46-34-52
her bust size is 46DDD...we have a heck of a hard time finding anything for her
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SS shoe quality!?

I've had a pair of SS tea party shoes for 4 months now and the other day, I noticed a small hole/rip had formed in the leather on the toe! If I wiggle my toes you could see my socks!

While I've worn them a signifcant amount, I just wouldn't have expected this from shoes I paid like £70 for! I mean, I have cheap £10 shoes from generic high street stores that I've had for longer and worn more and they haven't got any holes in them...

wtf has happened to them? I don't know... But has this happened to anyone elses Secret Shop shoes?

I don't want to have to buy a new pair, especially if in 4 months time they're going to start getting holes in them. And somehow, I don't think I'd be able to get hold of the real AP ones. Does anyone know how I can fix them?
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NYC Meet up to see the Nutcracker Ballet December 19th by li_lolita

The link for all the information is here

and here is a seperate post for attendance

Im hoping to get a group of 20 people of more for a group discount if not it will still be the same price the ordering process will just be different for me. Everyone is welcome to come

Quick Meta Question

Hello everyone~
It's been about four years since I've last posted here, as well as four years since I've ordered my last lolita dress.

Anyway, I've arrived here to ask a questions regarding reservations at Meta.
The last loli dress I purchased from them was directly on their website via credit card, so I'm a bit clueless right now.

On the 9th, I reserved a dress on Meta, but I didn't realize until today (the 19th) that they accepted my reservation on the 12th, because the email was sent to my spam folder (stupid Gmail!!)
I'm a bit confused about the ending of the email.

* you need to order in a week from the e-mail with how to order your reservation

I don't exactly understand the meaning of the first "order". Are they asking for me to email them?
Because earlier, the email states "You do not need to pay until the order is completed."

Is my assumption correct, or am I wrong?

[I'm sorry if this comes off as stupid, but small things tend to mess with my brain, mainly because I'm studying 4 languages other than English.]

Thanks in advance for your help<3
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Question about Vampire Requiem long JSK


I was on the BTSSB website yesterday and I noticed that the vampire requiem JSK is listed as bust 28.35inch~39.38inch and waist 24.41inch~35.44inch. I'm really tall (5"11) and since this JSK is long, it would be perfect for me but I was wondering if anyone here that owns that dress can tell me if it could stretch a bit more to 42" bust and 38" waist.

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JSK Coordination

Hi there newbie here! Is there anyone else that owns this jumperskirt by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright?

I want to see what other coordinations, accessories, or other stuff that matches with this. :D

And does anyone know the series name? It's this in Japanese: リボンミルキーシュガージャンパースカート

It's and old BTSSB jumperskirt so I can't find it in their database (listing).

Thank you for the help! <3 and PS: This is only my second post so please tell me if this post doesn't belong.

Bodyline skirt and blouse questions from a newcomer

Hello all! I've been lurking the Livejournal egl comms for a few months now even though I didn't own any actual clothing and have only dreamed of being a part of the community, but since I just made my first real lolita purchase, I decided to create a new journal (I just use my old one for following comms I'm interested in) and jump in. I've been drooling over brand items for a while but I feel bad spending a lot of money on a purchase before I've even built up any sort of a wardrobe at all. I want to acquire some relatively inexpensive but nice pieces with which I can form a couple of good coordinates.

When I saw this new skirt on the Bodyline website, I had to buy it - too bad it was like two days before the free DHL promotion began D: It just arrived today, and while I don't have anything to compare it to, I am absolutely in love with it. The fabric is great and it seems quite well made (at least to my admittedly untrained eye), looks very nice, and fits like a dream. I'm so excited about it :)

I ordered an ITS Princess petti to go with it and now am nervously awaiting its arrival - and frantically trying to pick up the rest of the items I'll need to actually make a full outfit! So, I'm looking for a bit of help with putting together my first coord. I've looked through the memories and read up on Bodyline extensively but I've still got questions, so I hope this is okay! I want a nice black blouse to go with this skirt and I'm having trouble finding a good one. I'd like to order one from Bodyline but the only ones I saw that I was really interested in at all (this one and this one) have busts of 84cm and 91cm. My bust is like...80cm and my waist is like 51cm - I'm very petite and have a hard time finding clothes that fit me. So, my question is this. Does anyone have an opinion on whether I will be absolutely swimming in either of these, or if with the lacing and tucking it into a corset-waist skirt I wouldn't look too ridiculous? Any other recommendations on where I could get a very petite, appropriate, black blouse for not too much money? I really liked two of the blouses I found on Fanplusfriend (this one and this one, both in black) but I've read so many horror stories about them getting the sizing wrong that I'm very nervous to order from them.

Thank you very much in advance!
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Pic request: Anna House Rococo OP

Hey lolitas,
I know this OP is fairly new to the Anna House website, but I was wondering if anyone has ordered it and received it as of yet? I was looking for some pictures of it being worn, as I'm curious to see what it looks like on a person. Any color is fine.
Thanks in advance...I really want to see what it looks like!